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June 29, 2021 2 min read

Summertime is ideal for weddings. The weather generally cooperates if you plan an outdoor affair, and guests don’t have to shovel their walks to make it to the church on time.

That said, you do need to make the necessary adjustments for the season. Here are five considerations to keep in mind for a summer wedding.

1. The Venue

A beachside wedding goes perfectly in the summer. Just be sure to factor in details like the need to secure your decor from ocean winds and account for crowds. You don’t want to have to crop too many passersby out of your photographs.

Other options that take advantage of the season include vineyards and old abandoned stone barns that can transform your affair into something out of a fairy tale. You can also save considerable cash by throwing a backyard affair at home — a valid option if a reception hall and honeymoon together exceed your budget. 

2. The Food

Summer means taking full advantage of the freshest seasonal menus. Unless you have your heart set on steak, why not offer up a host of vegetarian options, the ingredients for which may have come from the ground yesterday?

Your less carnivorous guests will thank you for not leaving them in the minority for once, and nearly everyone enjoys digging into pasta primavera.

3. The Clothing

bride and groom on beach

You might want to modify your standard tuxedo and gown — or tux-tux, gown-gown — configuration. Summer temperatures can make such apparel toasty, and you don’t want to get all sweaty on your stroll from the church to the limo. Brides can opt for a lightweight or strapless number while grooms look into linen and other lightweight fabrics.

A veil might not shield the sun much at an outdoor affair, leaving you squinting. Plus, those with metal bobby pins could heat up, burning your scalp. Why not consider an interesting and stylish alternative to protect you from UV rays while making you look chic?

4. The Fun

You could go with the standard reception, which includes plenty of dancing for exercise. However, why not consider some additional games if you’re hosting an outdoor affair?

Games like cornhole and horseshoes get people of all ages up and having fun. If you’re on the beach or poolside, why not set up the volleyball net? You can even decorate it with flowers and balloons.

5. The Sun

One consideration to remember for a summer wedding is protecting yourself from the elements. Be a good host and bring enough sunscreen for your guests who forgot theirs. A few bottles of the spray-on variety can prevent your invitees from going home looking and feeling like boiled lobsters.

Remember These 5 Considerations for a Summer Wedding

Summertime is the ideal season for weddings for many reasons. Keep the above five considerations in mind for a memorable, fun and safe event.