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July 08, 2021 3 min read

Have you ever tried journaling as a way to manage stress? It’s no new practice, and for years, it has been an effective way to keep mental health in check.

Many forms of journaling have evolved from the simple method of writing your thoughts down with pen and paper. Some people journal by creating interactive blog posts, some video themselves talking about their day and emotions or feelings, and some even use art as a method of journaling.

Art journaling can be a fun way to engage in your mental health and care while getting into your creative side. Here’s how to start art journaling and manage stress all at the same time.

What Is Art Journaling?

The first rule of art journaling is to understand that there are no rules. Art journaling is completely open-ended and up to you. You can draw, write, paint, collage or color in your art journal. It’s an invitation to rediscover yourself. You can create something just for the sake of creating it.

You’re free to journal about whatever you want as well. Sometimes you may just want to write down your thoughts. Other times, you might want to draw or paint something. A journal is a safe place for your thoughts and emotions. Just a few minutes a day can boost your mood.

In the journal, you can work out your thoughts and feelings. You can plan and set goals for yourself. You can write your wildest dreams. You can use it to develop personally. Of course, you can also use it to have fun.

How Do You Start Art Journaling?

To start art journaling, there are a few supplies you need, which include:

  • Sketchbook, lined or bulleted journal, and if you plan on using watercolors, a heavier paper weight sketchbook works best
  • Pens, pencils, markers, crayons and any other writing utensils you want
  • Materials to decorate like stamps, stickers and whatever art materials you have on hand
  • Tape and glue
  • Paint supplies such as brushes, watercolor paints and acrylic paint

You can use any art supplies you want to start your art journal. These are the basics, and you certainly don’t have to use all of them to get started. If you have a notebook and pencil on hand, you’re encouraged to start now! 

Art Journaling Helps Manage Stress

One of the most significant benefits of art journaling is that it helps manage stress. When you journal, you write down all of your thoughts and emotions. As you write, you may write down stressful problems or worries, which can later help you develop solutions.

Art journaling also relieves negative emotions. As you journal, you write down or draw about everything good and bad in your life. Soon, you’ll realize that a day brings out so much good. When you think more positively, your stress decreases.

Positive thinking coincides with fostering gratitude as well. Writing and drawing can help you focus on things and people in your life that have brought you joy. You learn to further appreciate them, which reduces stress and negative emotions.

Overall, art journaling allows you to take your mind off stressful situations in your life. It’s a form of relaxation and self-care when you set aside that time to focus on yourself, your life and your art.

Relieve Stress With Art Journaling

With a few art tools and a journal, you can begin your journey of managing stress. Rediscover your inner self, and set aside time each day to write or draw your feelings.