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December 16, 2020 2 min read

Though you can expect an uptick in travel discounts over the coming months, that doesn’t change the fact that you’ll still have to pay a pretty penny. If you still want to get at of the house, you have a few options that allow you to travel without breaking the bank.  

Here’s how you can lower the cost of your honeymoon with five clever tips.  

  1. Take Advantage of Specials  

Even though the estimable Dr. Fauci feels confident a COVID-19 vaccine will be widely available by spring, the travel industry has taken a substantial hit during the shutdown. They also know that some travelers will continue to proceed with caution. 

Take advantage of all the resulting bargains you can find. Even if you thought working with an agent was out of reach, they might be able to help you put together a more affordable package than you imagine. 

  1. Head to the Great Outdoors

Who said that you had to spend a ton on pricey hotel rooms, anyway? Get into the glamping craze and lower the cost of your honeymoon by taking it to the great outdoors.  

You can likewise save a ton with onsite cooking — many yurts and cabins come complete with kitchens. Tourist shops in well-known destinations are famous for rooking visitors at high prices. Bring as many supplies from home as possible to minimize emergency toothpaste runs.  

  1. Choose a Less Touristy Destination
couple overlooking water

Who said that you had to head to Honolulu for your honeymoon? You can find tons of small-town charm all over the U.S. that don’t come with high sticker prices. Climb the red rocks of Sedona or ski the slopes near Breckenridge.  

While you might need to spend $3 on more data storage for all the photos you take, you’ll save a small fortune on local transportation and dining.   

  1. Go All-Inclusive

The hotel room and the flight aren’t the only costs you need to consider. To make the most of your getaway, you need ample cash to spend on food and drink. Unless you’re honeymooning in Japan, you probably don’t want ramen on the menu.  

One way to slash your entertainment budget is by going all-inclusive. Many venues offer unique honeymoon packages with activities and amenities designed to nurture your new love.  

  1. Consider a Volunteer Trek

If you and your spouse-to-be are the do-gooder types, why not save money on your honeymoon by combining it with a volunteer mission? While you usually have to pay a fee, you enjoy a considerable discount you repay with your labor. You can do anything from teaching English to planting trees.  

Lower the Cost of Your Honeymoon With These Tips  

You don’t have to go into debt to celebrate your marriage. Lower the cost of your honeymoon with these tips.