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December 17, 2020 3 min read

Getting hitched at home is one of the most relaxed, personal and intimate ways you can spend your big day. Whether you have an amazing childhood home with a historical foyer for your ceremony or you plan to get down and dirty in your backyard so you and your guests can be one with nature, there’s something special about getting married somewhere familiar. That being said, your home probably isn’t set up with all the tech of a standard wedding venue — at least not yet.

While stocking your place with the tech details you need for your upcoming wedding might feel a bit daunting, there are actually only a few big details you need to keep an eye on. While everyone’s wedding experience is different and you may have other priorities, too, there are some basics everyone should at least consider. Here are a few of the big hitters you’ll need to take care of before your big day.

1.  Music Controls

While plenty of weddings have a DJ or live band to take care of the music, you might want to go a little more low-key. Consider how you want to control the music at your wedding — do you want to set up a playlist so you can be your own DJ, or would you rather have a tablet or cell phone on deck so guests can add to the que? Think about your guests, their music tastes and how much you want the input of others around you. If you want the music to be a collaborative effort, a tablet for music control and a playlist you can add to could be a great idea.

2.  Quality Speakers

If the tunes are your responsibility at your celebration — whether the guests have a say or not — you’ll need speakers that deliver. If you already have speakers that work well and sound great, use them — but just remember that this is probably not the place to skimp. Especially if the festivities are outside, you need sound that can travel. Plus, if you invest in speakers that work in the home as well, they can serve you long after your nuptials. If you’re not in the mood to buy new ones, you can always see what’s available to rent, too.

3.  Photo Station

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Most weddings have a photographer nowadays, plus a few aunts, cousins and college besties with their iPhones in tow. However, if you want to prioritize fun, casual, quality photos at your celebration, a photo station could be in order. It doesn’t have to be fancy — a digital camera or even a vintage polaroid with a photo book can do the trick and then some.

4.  Temperature Control

Many home weddings are outdoors, and if that happens to be the case for you, the weather is a big factor to consider. Not everyone lives in a place with perpetual temperate sunshine, and it’s best to be prepared for anything. If you know it might be extra cold, rent some outdoor heaters. If the temperature climbs, a few fans can work wonders. Take a look at the forecast and weather projections so you can prep and don’t have to scramble days beforehand.

5.  Lighting

Whether you’re looking for a bit of extra pizazz or you genuinely need to see as your reception goes into the wee hours of the night, your porch light might not cut it. The lighting doesn’t always have to be fancy, but you should probably give it a little bit of thought and attention. Find some string lights, motion sensor lights or even glow toys to spice up the celebration.

All the Tech You Need for Your Home Wedding

Your at-home wedding doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate, but it should always work for your needs. When the tech is taken care of, your day will probably have much more grace and ease. That way, you and your sweetheart can focus on each other and those you’re celebrating with.