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December 10, 2020 3 min read

Like any collection of furniture and house fixtures, you may be faced with the common predicament of loving a few different pieces with a few different finishes or tones. Wood is a gorgeous material to dominate your home, and it can be difficult to choose just one finish — luckily, you don’t need to! While some may think mixing finishes is a decor faux pas, there are so many ways to do it stylishly and intentionally.

By paying attention to the details of the whole space, you can use an eclectic mix of wood finishes in a stylish way that works with your taste and incorporates your favorite pieces. If you’re wondering how to get started, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1.  Pay Attention to Undertones

If you want to use a complete mix of tones and finishes, one of the best ways to tie it all together is by paying close attention to the undertones of the pieces and finishes you choose. While some woods naturally sway towards a warmer undertone, others are a bit cooler and quite ashy. This can even play into the overall style of your room or home. For example, if you have rosewood flooring, you’re already dealing with warmer undertones, and you can go lighter or darker while still holding true to the warmth of the rosewood.

2.  Choose a Focus

What if you just have one piece that doesn’t match your overall style, or you have just one or two tones you’re looking to experiment with? For example, if you have a big white table or a set of black chairs but don’t want to dive in for such a stark look all around, you can instead create focus around that one piece. By matching — or nearly matching — every wood tone in a room and leaving one to stand out, you can create a fun visual pop that feels intentional and daring.

3.  Use a Medley

Mixing and matching is the spirit of this style anyway, so why not go all in? Rather than having a few pieces that don’t match or trying to hide the ways things don’t go exactly together, highlight it as a focal point of fun, eclectic style! You can try for a wide spectrum of colors, textures and finishes, creating a rainbow of wood in your space. When you go for it fully and deliberately, you can create a lot of visual play and depth in whatever room you’re furnishing.

4.  Go With One Style

If you’re looking to create a bit more cohesion in your space among the mix of differing tones, going with one style can always help anchor you. What you choose depends entirely on you and your preferences. You can go for vintage Victorian, mid century modern or even a very sleek and minimalist aesthetic if you’re on the hunt for clean lines and simplicity among the mix of colors. By having your pieces share characteristics, they can mesh together and make a grounded, interesting space.

Mixing Wood Finishes in Your Space

Whether you choose one piece to be your focal point or you go for a rainbow of wood finishes from every corner of the globe, mixing multiple wood finishes can be just as dignified — and even a little more fun — than sticking to just one. Let your imagination and your creativity roam. Which wood finish is your favorite?