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May 25, 2021 2 min read

Once the honeymoon ends, you and your partner get to enjoy the fun of decorating your home. Now is your chance to build your dream love nest! Unsure where to start?

Try these five fun home improvement projects to do with your partner.

1. Paint

Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your return on investment (ROI), and you can finish most projects in a single weekend. You could pay roughly $2,000 to $4,000 if you hire a professional, but you can pick up a few cans and brushes to DIY for a tiny fraction of the price.

Your color scheme can transform the entire spirit and mood of your home. Choosing a complementary hue for your front door and shutters can add significant curb appeal and value. Do you want to set your house apart with bold tones or blend in with the Joneses? You decide.

2. Landscape

When you come home, you want your house to welcome you. One way to make it more appealing is to get your landscaping in ship shape. If you plan a spring or early summer wedding, you have plenty of time for planting in most climate zones.

Instead of opting for a lawn you must mow every Saturday, why not investigate xeriscaping? You save a bundle of time and money on maintenance over the years while improving your eco-consciousness with native plants that restore the soil and require minimal watering or fertilizer.

3. Build a Man-Cave or She-Shed

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You want to spend every minute with your mate now. However, a little absence can make the heart grow fonder as time passes, and they start driving you a bit nutty. Enter the man-cave or she-shed.

Make a game of finding a space you can each call yours and yours alone. Perhaps your mate stakes out the garage while you convert the attic into what Virginia Woolf called “a room of one’s own.”

4. Create a Spa-Like Bath Experience

What’s better than sinking into a hot bath at day’s end? Doing so in a jetted tub that massages away your aches and pains!

When redecorating your bathroom, why not go a bit international and avoid the next toilet paper crisis all at once? You can install a bidet or find handy toilet attachments that save you tons of grocery cash.

5. Make Your Kitchen Gourmet-Ready

If you want to make your first Thanksgiving as a couple memorable, redo your kitchen so you can cook for the gang in comfort. If your model didn’t come with a double oven, consider this upgrade if you love baking or cooking for a crowd. Find a stylish arrangement for all those small appliances you received as gifts.

Tackle These Fun Home Improvement Projects With Your Partner

Working toward a mutual goal helps cement your bond. Why not tackle these fun home improvement projects with your partner?