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May 27, 2021 3 min read

Planning a wedding means thinking of every last detail, including what will make your guests comfortable and happy. They’ll need a few extra things that you might not think twice about. Forgetting to include them in your budget could ruin the experience for everyone. Avoid making that mistake by checking out the top eight picks for wedding guest amenities that please even the largest crowds.

1. Disposable Paper Fans

Outdoor ceremonies and receptions become uncomfortably sweaty events in hot weather. Place a disposable paper fan on every seat so everyone can cool off without going inside. You won’t have to collect them afterward because people will drop them into trash cans on their way out.

2. Extra Water Bottles

No one can enjoy a wedding if they feel lightheaded and dizzy because they’re dehydrated. Stock up on water bottles and leave them in coolers with ice to prevent anyone from getting sick from the heat. It’s especially helpful for family members with young kids and older adults sensitive to the temperature.

3. All-Natural Bug Sprays

Mosquitoes and flies ruin outdoor receptions and treats by scenic firepits. Bug spray is one of the top picks for wedding guest amenities because brides can use all-natural oils and ingredients to keep pests far away from the fun. Pour some in a few spray bottles and talk with your venue coordinator about spraying the property so no one deals with itchy bug bites.

4. Luxury Bathroom Rentals

Port-a-potties make everyone cringe, but luxury bathroom rentals elevate your guests’ experience by providing a clean place for everyone to relieve themselves between dances at your reception. It’s the perfect solution for brides who want to take advantage of expansive properties and spend all of their time outdoors.

5. Cozy Seat Cushions

Younger and older guests will feel uncomfortable on hard plastic or wooden chairs. Think about adding a few seat cushions that match your theme to your venue. You can always take them home and use a few on your porch furniture so your investment doesn’t go to waste.

6. Vintage Photo Booth

Weddings are the perfect chance to set up a photo booth and delight everyone with props so they can pose for funny pictures while celebrating. Your photographer will capture everything, but a photo booth gives people a snapshot to take home as a keepsake.

7. DIY Food Bars

Guests enjoy having a little power over their experience, so many brides set up DIY food bars. Pick a theme and give everyone an array of things to choose from. They can make their own tacos, s’mores or even ice cream sundaes, depending on what goes well with your menu.

8. Thank-You Gift Bags

Some people will travel from out of town, especially if you have a dream destination wedding. It’s polite to thank them for their time and celebrate your wedding one last time as your guests walk out the door. Set up gift bags with trinkets like desserts or souvenirs so they’ll always have a reminder of how much fun they had.

Consider These Wedding Guest Amenities

The ideas are the top eight picks for wedding guest amenities because they make everyone happy. You’ll keep your guests comfortable, entertained and well-fed with a few extra additions to your big day.