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May 20, 2021 3 min read

Getting married on the beach is your dream, but you wouldn’t want your bridal look to clash with your venue. Switching things up for your ceremony on the dunes will help you look fabulous in person and in your photos. This is the low-maintenance guide to beach-bride makeup so you can feel confident about your style even if you’re not sure how to navigate the beauty world.

1. Pick a Matte Foundation

Every good beauty routine begins with foundation because it evens your skin tone. Everything else is easier to apply when you don’t need to battle splotches or discoloration.

If you rely on your usual liquid foundation, the water or oil-based ingredients could reflect sunlight and give your face an unnatural shine. Matte foundation will absorb the lighting and provide a natural glow even in direct afternoon sunlight.

It also lasts longer than dewy foundation, which may provide peace of mind while you’re away from indoor mirrors. If you pick a foundation with an SPF base, it’ll double as protective sunscreen so your face doesn’t burn during the most romantic day of your life.

2. Go Light on Blush

Your cheeks will flush while you’re on the beach. It’s something your body can’t help when it’s overheated and in direct sunshine. You’ll also blush while your partner says their vows, so go light on your blush. It should hint at your cheekbones and step aside when your face begins to glow. You can always apply a bit more after your ceremony if you plan to take indoor photos.

3. Apply More Makeup Than Usual

Most stylists will test your makeup choices on your trial date. If you look in the mirror and panic, don’t worry. Professional beauty artists apply more makeup than usual for anyone attending a big event because it makes your appearance pop in photos and videos. Avoid oil-based makeup if you’re worried about streaks created from foundation mixing with the occasional beads of sweat.

4. Find a Natural Lipstick

Bridal portraits often feature bright red lipstick, but that color feels more natural in a ballroom than on a laid-back beach. Find a natural lipstick by testing various neutral colors with your skin tone. A dark nude or beige with a matte finish won’t take away from the scenery or stand out awkwardly in your photos.

5. Test Waterproof Mascaras

It’s impossible to get through your wedding without a few happy tears. Any stylist who knows what they’re doing will advise that you wear waterproof mascara. It’s a great tip that becomes even more important on the beach. The wind off the waves will have a higher humidity even if it hasn’t rained recently.

Waterproof mascara is a safe bet for outdoor brides, so test a few bottles out in the weeks before your wedding. Some brands may have a thicker mascara than you’re used to or an applicator tip you don’t prefer. Trying them out removes any extra stress you might feel during your trial run or while prepping for your ceremony.

Enjoy Your Low-Maintenance Beach-Bride Makeup

Picking everything you need for your bridal look is easy with the low-maintenance guide to beach-bride makeup. Focus on waterproof products that won’t shine in the sunlight so you look perfect through your final dance of the night.