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May 18, 2021 2 min read

You can save considerable cash by hosting your wedding at home. So what’s the secret to success with such an affair? Treat your planning the way you would in any other setting.

Here are the five factors to consider when determining how much you should budget for a backyard wedding.

1. The Venue

Since your venue is your home — or that of a friend or relative — this aspect of planning saves you the most cash. A typical church affair can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $11,000, although you might snag the chapel alone for a $1,000 donation.

However, you need to budget some money to get your yard in shape and protect it from further damage. Mulch can serve a dual purpose of preventing soil erosion around gardens and walkways, even bald patches undergoing healing while adding beauty to your yard. Experts recommend applying mulch at a depth of 4 to 6 inches.

2. The Attire

You have much more leeway in choosing attire for a backyard wedding. You can go with a traditional formal gown or wear something more casual — even a bathing suit and cute coverup if you plan a poolside bash.

Remember etiquette. It’s not polite to borrow your mom’s wedding gown, saving you cash, while insisting your bridesmaids foot the bill for special duds. Include your party in the planning if cutting costs is your priority.

3. The Food

bride and groom cuddling

Since you’re saving money on your venue, you can go all-out gourmet with your dining. Alternatively, you can go as casual as a barbecue — just don’t wipe your hands on your gown after eating ribs!

One factor to consider no matter how fancy or festive your food is keeping insect pests at bay. Place your picnic table legs in containers of water to deter ants and have plenty of citronella candles and torches.

4. The Favors

You want to give your guests a souvenir to remember your event. Why not get crafty? If you are the gardening type, give your guests seedlings you replant in tiny bowls or pots you can pick up at your local dollar or discount store. You could delight over 100 guests without spending much more than a Franklin.

5. The Fun

Should you hire a DJ or a band? You might be able to afford to spend more on entertainment after saving cash on your venue.

However, you can cut costs here, too, if you have a shoestring budget. Time constraints are one factor — wedding or no, your neighbors won’t appreciate music playing until the wee hours.

Plan Your Backyard Wedding Budget Like Any Other Venue — With a Cost-Effective Twist

Planning a backyard wedding requires you to consider the same factors as any other setting. But you can save some sweet cash with the above tips!