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May 13, 2021 2 min read

The fashion world caters to everyone’s interests and preferences, but it’s still managed primarily by male-owned corporations. These are five female-owned fashion brands you should know because they don’t have the same name recognition that attracts consumers. They produce all kinds of clothing and accessories so you can support more entrepreneurs with every purchase.

1. The Line by K

Starting a fashion blog is a hobby for some people, but others turn their digital space into a new future. Karla Deras launched The Line by K in 2015 based on designs she dreamed about while writing for her blog. Her seasonal lines merge sexy pieces with effortless designs so everyone can take fashion risks without wearing something that doesn’t feel like their personality.

You’ll always find unique dresses, jumpsuits and matching sets that accentuate your beauty without feeling uncomfortable. It’s the little details that add the most confidence to your style and Deras excels in celebrating everyone’s personal preferences.

2. By The Namesake

Leather jackets are an iconic accessory that can be difficult to find. They don’t always fit right, so Rosa Halpern began By The Namesake to custom design leather jackets for women in every style. Clients can customize everything from the leather’s color to the details on each sleeve, giving you more control over how your clothing expresses your personality.

3. Sweet Girls Boutique

When the founder of Sweet Girls Boutique found out she was pregnant with a little girl, she began to dream of dressing her in unique styles. Sweet Girls began so other mothers could find one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories that work with any kind of budget.

The brand sells sibling sets, matching mommy and me clothing and even sets for boys of all ages. It’s perfect for anyone who wants the classy boutique style without paying for overpriced pieces in between your child’s growth spurts.

4. Awoke Vintage

Back in 2006, the owner of a vintage clothing market stall in Australia began to dream of making it in New York. Since then, Awoke Vintage expanded to multiple U.S. locations and began working with professional stylists to capture the charm of clothing from different decades. Keep an eye out for pieces you may have seen on T.V., since the female-owned fashion brand also supplies clothes for costume departments.

5. We Dream in Colour

Jade Gedeon began We Dream in Colour in 2002 so she would design antique-styled jewelry. She grew up in numerous countries and uses her cultural exposure to reimagine traditional accessory styles and merge them with modern-day clothes. Her all-women team takes care to minimize their environmental footprint with each new line inspired by nature motifs and textures.

Learn More About Female-Owned Fashion Brands

There are many female-owned fashion brands you should know if you want to support independent entrepreneurs. By adding these artists’ designs to your wardrobe, you’ll help them secure their place in the industry. Keeping the door open allows other female designers to find space for their dreams as well, leading to more female-led brands that make fashion more customizable.