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September 15, 2020 2 min read

When guests leave your reception venue, you want them to remember your big day. A token of your appreciation for their attendance can mean a lot, which is why some thoughtful soul invented wedding favor bags.

So how can you make yours meaningful and fit for your occasion? The following five tips can help.

1. Don't Opt for the Lowest Price

While you could hit up the local dollar store and pick up inexpensive trinkets, what kind of impression does that leave on your guests? While you don’t want to break your wedding budget, you do want to provide quality.

A novel idea involves creating welcome bags for out-of-town guests, including information about local attractions. You could modify this approach by including gift certificates to a local coffee shop, for example.

2. Stick to Your Wedding Theme

Are you throwing a themed wedding? If so, make sure your wedding favor bags reflect the theme you’ve chosen. Maybe you’re having a car-themed shindig, and that’s great! Just make sure to include something relevant in the bags, like miniature cars. This is just one example, but the point remains the same.

3. Be Aware of Allergies

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Many brides-to-be opt to include small snacks in their favor bags. Just remember to exercise caution with this approach. People with severe allergies to peanuts, for example, could go into anaphylactic shock from accidentally consuming this legume. Try to avoid ingredients like nuts, soy and dairy. 

4. Make It Heartfelt

Your hand already hurts from signing invitations — must you handwrite favor tags as well? Only if you want to create the most thoughtful, heartfelt experience for your guests!

Fortunately, this suggestion won't cost you anything but your time. You can find Microsoft Word templates for favor bags that suit any occasion.

5. Create a Few Extras

When it comes to favor bags, too many are sometimes not enough. Most expert wedding planners advise budgeting to serve food to 75% of your guest list. If you make enough treats for everyone you invited, you're sure to have enough to delight everyone who attends.

Keep These Tips in Mind When Filling Your Wedding Favor Bags

You're right to insist that every detail is perfect on your big day! Use the five tips above to design memorable favor bags your guests will love to receive.