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September 17, 2020 3 min read

When it comes to planning your honeymoon, you have some extra considerations in today’s climate. Travel restrictions may put the kibosh on your European backpacking trip. Then again, do you want to get on a plane unnecessarily during a pandemic?

Why not consider going glamping? This style of vacation blends the ruggedness of the great outdoors with resort-like luxuries, including real beds and bathing facilities. You and your new beau can enjoy uninterrupted privacy free from group dining arrangements on cruise ships and deepen your bond. Here are five considerations to keep in mind when planning your trip. 

1. What Level of Luxury Do You Like?

When you hear the word “glamping,” do you envision buggy tents and lack of climate control? You can find genuine off-grid Airbnb establishments that lack running water and electricity, but many resorts offer amenities mirroring those of exclusive hotels. 

You can find resorts that offer pools and on-site bars with exotic cocktails. Could you and your sweetie benefit from having someone rub away the wedding-day stress? Some places include spas or partner with local therapists. You’ll find everything from gourmet dining to treehouse balcony hot tubs at some venues. 

2. How Far Off-Grid Do You Want to Go?

Maybe you decided to postpone your backpacking through the Australian outback, but you can find plenty of spots stateside. A lot of these areas have accommodations for families, which is valuable if you’re taking a little one along. You’ll have the opportunity to play games at the campsite and even order food from local restaurants.

If that’s not your style, some glamping destinations keep you intentionally off-the-grid when it comes to Wi-Fi access — or lack thereof. If you want to focus on being together, sans your phone, why not opt for one of these locations? You’ll find it easier to avoid posting pictures on social media before you return home.  

3. What’s Your Adventure Quotient?

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Are you hoping for a honeymoon that consists of little outside of lying on a hammock in your new spouse’s arms? Perhaps you’re hoping that the added spirit of excitement from a whitewater rafting trip?

It doesn’t matter if you hope for a laid-back rest after planning your wedding or want to have the adventure of a lifetime. Glamping offers you a chance to do both. You don’t need to base jump off El Capitan, but you can go glamping near Yosemite and enjoy mountain climbing. 

4. Do You Know How to Cook Rough? 

What’s your tolerance for hot dogs and s’mores? If you or your new spouse follow a vegetarian diet, you could grow weary of granola bars and apples. 

Not to worry — as we mentioned earlier, many glamping resorts offer gourmet dining on-site. Plus, if you book a tent near one of the best small towns for foodies, you can take a short side trip to enjoy a luxurious meal. Additionally, some cabins offer full kitchens, so pack your reusable grocery bags and honor your diet on your getaway. 

5. What Climate and Landscape Do You Prefer?

The United States offers something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a tropical oasis in Hawaii, a cozy cabin in the Northern woods or a yurt on a ranch in the wild, wild West. 

If you have never traveled beyond the coast, you’ll find the landscape of the desert Southwest like something off the surface of Mars. You’ll need to bring plenty of water for outdoor excursions to avoid dehydration and look good in those honeymoon photos. If the summertime heat has you down, why not look north? You can find luxurious glamping resorts in places like Maine, the upper Midwest and Alaska. Imagine cooling down under the pines — maybe even cuddling by the campfire at night. 

Maybe you live for the beach. Who says that you have to stay in a hotel when you can find lodging that gives you a view of the stars above the ocean? You can find ample glamping resorts where you can bring your surfboard and fit in with the locals. 

Plan the Ideal Glamping Honeymoon — Consider These 5 Factors 

Glamping makes an ideal honeymoon because you can experience privacy and togetherness without giving up a single luxury. Enjoy an outdoorsy start to your life together with this trend.