by Dylan Bartlett September 22, 2020 2 min read

You've finally found your dream dress and it's time to choose a gown for your bridesmaids. Before you rally the girls and storm the nearest bridal shop, you’ll need to decide on a color palette. With so many hues and shades available, this kind of choice can feel a bit overwhelming.

If you're having trouble choosing, these tips will help narrow down your options and alleviate some of that pre-wedding stress.

1. Consult the Color Wheel

The simplest way to choose bridesmaid dress colors is to look at which colors you already plan to use. What did you choose for your decorations and flowers? Were you hoping to incorporate two colors into your big day or three?

If you already have the decor and know your color palette, it's best to choose hues that complement it. Consult the color wheel to find complementary colors or monochromatic colors in the same hue. Then, create a scheme.

2. Think Seasonally

If you haven't yet chosen your color scheme, you might find inspiration by thinking about when your wedding will take place. Did you settle on fall nuptials? Consider colors like pumpkin or sage or bright shades of yellow to match the changing leaves.

Have you chosen a winter wedding? Opt for gold and navy or red and pink for an elegant yet bold look.

3. Let Your Bridesmaids Choose

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Of course, you could always let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses. When it comes to style, they'll likely choose dresses that fit their body types, and you probably won't have any major issues with what they pick.

As for color, be sure to stress the importance of coordinating the hue with their skin tone. Those with warm tones should choose a warmer color, while ladies with a cooler complexion should stick with cool hues like purple and emerald.

4. Have Fun With Patterns

Who said you had to pick colors? This is your wedding, after all. Feel free to play with patterns, florals, embroidery and dresses that challenge stereotypical color schemes.

Ask your girls for advice to find gowns that everyone will love, pinpoint your best idea and run with it. What's the worst that could happen?

Keep It Simple

As with any other aspect of wedding planning, it's best to avoid overcomplicating bridesmaid dresses. Remember that your bridesmaids are paying for dresses out of their own pockets, so be considerate and keep things simple.

Besides, you probably have plenty of other things to worry about right now — like altering your own dress and seeing to the rest of the preparations.