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September 10, 2020 3 min read

When you catch yourself daydreaming about your upcoming weekend, do you wish for the easy days before social distancing? Instead of spending your Saturday and Sunday afternoons hanging out with friends or traveling to the closest beach, you have to stay home to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Don't spend another day streaming old TV shows that leave you bored and restless. Instead, plan these budget-friendly projects for social-distancing weekends so you stay busy and make your home a better place to live.

  1. Pick Out New Paint

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Adding a fresh coat of paint to even one room in your house will make the entire space feel brand new. Depending on the time of year and your existing interior decor, you can browse trendy shades to find one you love. Convert your dining room to a pastel yellow oasis that exudes happiness and fun. Paint your bedroom a cool blue tone to instantly relax as soon as you walk through the door. Match the colors to fixtures like the fabric on your furniture or curtains to help the new paint blend naturally into what you already have.

  1. Switch Your Lighting Fixtures

Look around online for vintage lighting fixtures or anything that's for sale at virtual thrift stores. You might find a chandelier or lampstand that would add depth and character to your house. Switching your lighting fixtures is a quick and simple way to upgrade your home on a budget. Even replacing a lampshade will make a world of difference in a room that's missing a bit of personality.

  1. Make a New Headboard

New bedroom furniture is expensive, especially if you have a large mattress. The next time you have a free Saturday, make a unique headboard with chic ideas designed for homeowners with a budget. You can always tweak project plans to make the final design identical to one you like at a furniture outlet. Add a pop of color or patterned fabric so the headboard becomes the focal piece of your bedroom.

  1. Build a Bar


Small closets can sometimes annoy homeowners. They aren't big enough to store most belongings so they end up becoming wasted space. Picture the closet you most dislike in your home and think about building a bar there, even if you're on a tight budget. A few simple steps, like removing the door and hinges, make it a permanently open space for shelving liquors and glasses. If you ever want to return to the project, you can always take out a wall to add a counter or light fixtures to set the mood.

  1. Clean Your Mailbox

You might have felt proud of your mailbox after you moved into your home, but it's become a forgotten feature over the years. Dirty boxes that fill up with forgotten mail are a prime target for robbers. They either learn they can steal the personal information waiting inside or figure out when you're not at home.

Spend a few hours cleaning and upgrading your mailbox to make your home safer and increase your curb appeal. Cover it with a magnetic design or paint it with quotes and handprints from your family. As long as you regularly pick up your mail after the project ends, you'll love the new look and the safety that results from your work.

  1. Create Raised Garden Beds

Anyone with a green thumb can create raised garden beds to start a new backyard hobby. They won't require digging in your yard, so your homeowner's association (HOA) advisors won't penalize you with fees. You can also use multiple materials, like wood or stone, to match your timeframe and budget. After a few hours of crafting, you'll be ready to plant beautiful flowers or raise veggies in your yard.

Determine Your Budget

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Once you figure out your DIY budget, you can use these ideas and more to entertain you through the coming weekends. Find something you're passionate about, and time will fly until it's safe to socialize again.