by Dylan Bartlett September 08, 2020 2 min read

When you're in the throes of wedding planning, the last thing on your mind is the getaway car. But if you're being honest, you probably want something classier than a boring four-door with tin cans hanging off the back. 

Soup up your getaway car or find a new one with these tips and tricks and make a memorable exit.

1. Match Your Theme

If your wedding is in an old barn and has a rustic theme, you probably shouldn't peel out of the farm in a Lamborghini. Likewise, you likely wouldn't ride away from a black-tie wedding on a moped scooter. Thus, it's absolutely vital that you consider your wedding style before choosing a car. Ideally, they should complement one another, not distract or confuse guests. 

2. Breathe the Fresh Air 

bride with bouquet in front of car

It's also important to consider whether or not you want your guests to see you as you're pulling away — and vice versa. If you're the adventurous type and don't mind a few fly-aways, opt for a luxury convertible, a jeep or even a motorcycle. Otherwise, stick with a car with a sunroof. It makes for great photo opportunities!

3. Add a Stereo System

Don't let the party stop when you drive away. Keep the music pumping with a quality stereo system. If the car you chose doesn't already come with one, consider adding speakers or a new system, complete with subwoofers. Save some money by fitting it yourself and be sure to reference the installation instructions, especially if you're new to car stereos. 

4. Decorate Accordingly

You aren't stringing cans from your back fender, so how will you decorate your sick ride? Frankly, the options are endless. From a just married sign to greenery garlands to personalized decals, there are countless items with which you can decorate your getaway-mobile. As with the type of car, remember to choose decor that matches your style and theme. 

Talk to Your Photographer

The last thing you want is to hop in your beautiful getaway car, ride off into the sunset and never have any pictures to show for it. Therefore, if you want to immortalize your epic send-off, speak with your photographer. Tell them when you plan to leave so they can sneak a few photos of it before you even get outside. Then, you can be sure they'll be there, camera in hand, to snap frame-worthy photos of your car — and you two lovebirds, of course!