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April 20, 2021 2 min read

Are you planning on stunning your beloved in a strapless gown on your big day? If so, you want to show off your best physique. Here are five easy exercises for toning your arms so you look spectacular in your dress.

1. Rowing 

Who said you had to stand up to get an effective cardiovascular and upper-body workout? Rowing tones your arms while creating impressive lats and traps.

You also get quite a bit of core work. You don’t have to head back to the gym if you don’t want to — you can find home models to use while you watch TV.

2. Boxing

If you hope to shed a few pounds while toning your arms, you can’t go wrong with boxing. This sport torches up to 800 calories per hour and gives you a serious confidence boost. Plus, it’s the ideal way to ease that prewedding stress.

3. Swimming

bride and groom holding hands

Swimming uses your whole body. This easy exercise form is perfect for you if conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis make high-impact movements challenging. The water feels refreshing, supports your joints and won’t leave you all sweaty.

4. Resistance Training

Perhaps the most frequently used way of toning your arms is to hit the weight room. However, you can get similar results at home without spending too much on equipment.

Investigate resistance bands — they’re small enough to slide under your couch and conveniently fit in your suitcase when you travel. You can buy multiple sizes for a complete workout for less than $50.

5. Yoga

If you think yoga is pure relaxation, you’ve never tried a challenging ashtanga class. You’ll use your arms to leap through and hover your body off the floor in various poses. If you can master the peacock pose, your biceps will look stunning in your gown.

Try These 5 Easy Exercises for Toning Your Arms Before Your Big Day

If you want to tone your arms before your wedding day, try these five easy exercises. You’ll burn calories and look stunning when you walk down the aisle.