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April 15, 2021 2 min read

Getting out of town gives you time to relax and recharge, but not everyone can own their dream vacation home just yet. Until you can go on vacation or buy a beachside condo, you can use these landscape lighting project tips to create a private island escape. Add a tropical touch to your property without requiring a big budget or much of your time.

1. Hang Rattan Lighting Fixtures

Rattan is a woven material that often keeps wicker tables together or forms beachside furniture. The woody stems come from vines related to palm trees, so you’ll fill your yard with island vibes. Many lighting fixtures that could hang off of your porch ceiling use rattan material to weave decorative shades around light bulbs.

Find a few in different sizes to play with your visual space. You might also try colorful light bulbs to give your backyard a fun flare whenever you turn on your outdoor light switch.

2. Build a Fire Pit

fire pit

After a long day of going on a dolphin boat tour and snorkeling by your hotel, the perfect private island escape would have a bonfire on the beach. You can recreate the same event in your yard by building a fire pit. The warm light will flicker under the stars and take you away from the world of fluorescent workplace bulbs when you’re most in need of a vacation.

3. Install Bamboo Torches

Jump straight into island vibes by installing bamboo torches along your sidewalk, driveway or around your backyard. They’re lighting features you won’t find in a typical city or suburban neighborhood so they’ll always make you feel transported to somewhere extraordinary.

Bamboo torches might also make your backyard more eco-friendly. People use it in decor because it comes from sustainable bamboo plants that grow back quickly. You won’t deprive the planet of natural resources, making your private island escape even more enjoyable.

4. Light a Few Candles

It's easy to forget about lighting candles when you're rushing through your daily routine. An oceanfront escape wouldn’t be complete without dinner on the beach and a candle setting the mood. Set the mood for a sunset meal by arranging candles as your centerpiece that showcases different heights and colors. Don’t forget to find candles with your favorite island aromas, like sea salt breezes or hibiscus flowers.

5. Pick Pineapple Themed Wall Lights

Pineapples are a distinctly tropical fruit, so embrace their unique shape with your lighting. Wall lights with glass-blown pineapple shapes and colors will give your backyard a fun glow under the summer stars. They show off your intended island theme even if your only other decor pieces are a few throw pillows or a welcome mat.

Make Your Private Island Escape at Home

Creating a vacation in your backyard starts with the right lighting. You can make your next private island escape happen at home by using these tips to decorate whatever outdoor space you own. Smaller wall lamps, tall bamboo porches and even a fire pit might be just what you need to hear crashing ocean waves without leaving home.