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April 13, 2021 2 min read

You want your big day to be perfect in every way, and also be gentle to the planet. Extravagant events may scream “fairy tale,” but they can take quite a toll in terms of waste and emissions.

Here are five ideas for a more eco-friendly wedding so you can start your forever-after being kind to Mother Earth.

1. Select a Green Venue

The eco-friendly quotient of your wedding hinges in large part on your venue. Seeking those with LEED certification and multiple sustainable practices means you won’t have to ask bussers to recycle or skip the plastic straws.

What is LEED certification? It holds international acclaim as the most widely recognized international green building certification. Facilities can earn it for interior design, construction and maintenance practices.

2. Go Easy on Unnecessary Extras

Look around many reception halls, and you’ll see multiple full glasses of water collecting sweat beads. Some restaurants go through 20,000 free cups of ice water every day — that’s a significant waste of this precious resource.

Take a hint from LEED building practices and request that your venue not serve unnecessary extras like unrequested water pitchers.

3. Work That “Something Borrowed”

Some brides have discovered that they can save cash and add a touch of sentimentality to their wedding by making their “something borrowed'' their gown.

Buying a dress means researching whether your designer uses sweatshop labor or questionable practices when sourcing materials. Plus, even green manufacturers use energy during production — upcycle instead.

4. Choose Earth-Friendly Transportation

bride with bouquet

How will you get from the church to the reception site? Is there any reason why you can’t host everything at one venue?

If that isn’t possible for religious reasons, why not consider going on horseback or renting an eco-friendly car like a Tesla to ride off into the sunset?

5. Plan a Sustainable Honeymoon

Travel does create an ecological footprint, but you can minimize it with your choices. If you are having a destination wedding, you can stay at the same earth-friendly hotel that hosted your exchange of vows.

Another option to consider is eco-tourism. Your trip can help sustain the environment and the well-being of those who live at your destination.

Have a More Eco-Friendly Wedding

Why not showcase your love for the planet and your partner? The tips above can help you have a more eco-friendly wedding.