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April 22, 2021 2 min read

When you wake up on your wedding day, you should only feel your heart skip a beat with excitement and bliss. The last thing you need to deal with is bloat or sluggish energy. What you choose to eat plays a significant role in feeling your best. Check out these five healthy ideas for your wedding-day breakfast so you can fuel up before walking down the aisle.

1. Order an Omelet

Destination brides may wake up in a hotel and wait for their bridal party to arrive before getting ready for their big day. If you have access to room service, order an omelet with your favorite veggies.

Eggs contain natural nutrients and protein so you’ll stay full longer. They also have healthy fats that the body breaks down and digests easily because they’re from a pure food source. The lack of processed carbs and sugar prevents bloating and becomes a healthy fuel source.

2. Make a Wrap

You might crave the comforting taste of carbs while your excited nerves begin to build. In that case, make a quick wrap. Fill it with scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage, or veggies mixed with brown rice. It’s easy to eat on the go and completely customizable. Opt for a low-cap wrap and no-sugar-added sauces for a healthier alternative to wraps from fast-food restaurants.

3. Enjoy a Breakfast Salad

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Salad may not be the first breakfast idea that comes to mind, but it’s a fantastic meal to start your wedding day. Look for large salads that feature breakfast foods like sausage, eggs or even oats. You could mix things up with chickpeas or a sesame dressing over cucumbers and tomatoes. As long as your salad has a protein mixed in, like meat or eggs, you’ll feel energized and ready to go when your stylists arrive.

4. Blend a Smoothie

Smoothies are a quick way to make breakfast while you’re on the go. Take two minutes to blend fruit and protein powder with your choice of milk and sweetener. You can drink your breakfast on the way to your venue if you’re accidentally running behind schedule. You’ll feel better if you don’t skip a meal, which makes smoothies one of the top healthy ideas for your wedding-day breakfast if you’re in a rush.

5. Indulge With Oatmeal

Grab your favorite non-sugar sweetener and some cinnamon — you’ll want to indulge in a bowl of oatmeal before your wedding. Oats are high in soluble fiber, so they keep your blood sugar balanced and prevent an energy crash after your meal. The fiber also keeps you full longer and prevents a mid-morning snack craving that distracts you from last-minute decorating or ceremony preparation.

Plan Your Favorite Healthy Wedding-Day Breakfast Ideas

Think about what you’d enjoy in the morning while considering these five healthy ideas for your wedding-day breakfast. Try a few new recipes out if you’re still weeks away from your big day. You’ll find something you love that starts your day off on the right track and sets you up for endless hours of joy.