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February 28, 2019 3 min read

It’s nice to make periodic design changes to your home (or even to an individual room) to keep things lively and interesting. New elements to a room keep it feeling fresh. These small tweaks can very easily take a space from tired and bored to zesty and inviting, and they don’t have to be much. Introduction of new throw pillows to a sofa can do wonders, or you can re-arrange artwork on a wall to create visual interest.

One classic way to bring life into a tired room is with fresh flowers. Introducing floral arrangements can brighten even the drabbest of spaces, and it’s a design upgrade that’s easy and affordable. Try a few of these fun floral arrangement ideas to breathe a little color and life into your home.
Experiment with Vessels
Floral Arrangement Ideas
Decorating with fresh flowers does not mean you should invest in a slew of expensive and elaborate (in fact, quite the opposite). Today’s top designers are having fun arranging flowers in wholly unique and original vessels that can be found around the house, and you should too. Try a tin watering can to display large bouquets: the effect is charming and can bring a “” feel to a room – it’s also a nice way to introduce a new texture if you’ve had enough of the everyday glass vase. For smaller arrangements, put flowers in a delicate porcelain teapot or glass . You can even use an old paint can as a vessel for a really rustic look. Use your imagination: almost anything can hold flowers if you really want it to. Just remember to keep vessels proportional: flower arrangements that are either much too big or much too small for their vessels can look silly and sloppy.
Think Critically About Color
Floral Arrangement Ideas
When you’re walking through a flower shop, it’s tempting to fall in love with the biggest, brightest flowers on display. But as a part of your home design, you want to think very critically about the flowers you’ll be using and the rooms you’ll be putting them in. Is your room’s palette quite neutral? A bouquet of white flowers can look very elegant in a room that keeps its colors reserved: the look is timeless, and if you need a pop of color you can let the greens in your arrangement do the work for you. Or perhaps your room is decorated with a lot of soft pinks; don’t go haywire with yellow Gerber daisies. Keep your in tune with the room: try some blush-colored roses or a soft pink chrysanthemum arrangement to really tie the room together. You can introduce hues like white or soft purple, but remember to keep the focus on your dominant color. And again, don’t forget that the greenery in a bouquet can work wonders in adding that little extra pop of color when you need it. That said, you might be the type of person that loves color, color and more color, and you want your flowers to reflect that. If that’s the case: go for it. The right flower arrangement can be an excellent way to introduce serious color into a space, especially in a room that’s monochromatic. Just remember to tie elements of your arrangement in with the of the room. For example, if your room is painted deep blue and you want a serious color boost, you could decorate with birds of paradise. These elegant, angular flowers will bring bright yellow and orange into the room, but their blue stamens will compliment your blue walls, keeping the otherwise bright and exuberant arrangement on theme.
Bring the Seasons Inside
Floral Arrangement Ideas
Decorating your home to reflect the changing seasons is always a nice way to feel in-the-moment and present, and it keeps your house lively and fresh. Your floral arrangements can contribute: by choosing flowers that are in-season, you can keep your home feeling festive all year long. Choose poinsettias during the winter holidays, Gerber daisy arrangements for late spring, and purple hydrangeas for the onset of . Of course, don’t be afraid to mix it up either: tulips are beautiful any time of year, and if they’re your favorite and you need that burst of red and orange, then go for it. But choosing tulips particularly in the spring should lend a somewhat spritely and nostalgic feel to your home. Most of all, have fun. Introducing flower arrangements into your home is a simple, beautiful way to keep your spaces feeling lively and lovely without having to undertake massive design changes.