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February 21, 2019 3 min read

The big day can be oh so exciting, yet at the same time, oh so stressful. Here’s some wedding tips and trends from a rental company standpoint to make your day the most amazing and calm it can be!

Start Early
We have brides asking us all the time when they should start planning their wedding. Our answer – the sooner the better! We have found that brides that have the major details out of the way early are way less apt to have a nervous breakdown a month or two out. We can always tweak details as your date nears. Head counts will fluctuate, delivery and pickup details will need to be confirmed, but the larger decisions should already be in place and ready to go!
Attention to detail
Wedding Tips and Trends
We LOVE brides that are literally overloading us with details! Don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions from all your wedding vendors. And do not wait until the week before to start asking. For example, if you’re doing your heavenly cake tasting, ask your cake designer, what size will the base of my cake be? Do they have a cake stand they provide? Do I need to provide my own cake stand via the ? Couldn’t resist adding that one! But do find out if they deliver, and if so, what time? Will you need to return anything to them after the wedding, or will they pickup? You can never ask too many questions.
Wedding Tips and Trends
Linens tell the story!
Are you a romantic? Or is too much bling a term you don’t comprehend? Or did you meet your significant other on farmersonly.com? Whatever your style may be, the you select can show your personality on your big day. Right now the trends are textures and prints! If rustic chic is what you crave, a faux burlap linen can give you that outdoorsy yet classic feel. Do you fancy a glam wedding? Then glimmer sequin linens can add shine and sophistication. If you desire a wedding that’s just dreamy, why not go whimsical with polka dots napkins or a geometric runner. Whatever you decide, let your linens transform your venue to show off your individuality!
Charge-r it?
Are a must at weddings? No, but they definitely make a bold statement! But if you’re on a budget, there are ways to use this hot trend and not break the bank! One of the biggest ways we’ve seen evolve over the last couple of years is only using chargers on a head table. But not just chargers! Add crazy cool , gold rimmed glassware, textured flatware and a napkin that leaves guests salivating! Whether you stick with an entry level metallic acrylic charger, opt for a mid line yet stunning marble charger or if you are going all out, there’s a glass charger that’s sure to leave you staring all night long!
Cozying up on Lounge Furniture
Wedding Tips and Trends
We would say the fastest growing trend right now in the wedding industry is Lounge furniture! Whether you style your wedding with a small vignette or your wedding looks like Club Space, there’s a furniture style for you. From the popular white leather lounge to the vintage-y French looks, one is sure to suit your needs. And there’s always pillows in solids, stripes, sequins, and more to jazz it all up! Who knew having a seat could be so much fun? No matter what style you want to go for, there are wedding tips and trends for everyone's taste! So, get planning, and don't be afraid to have someone help you create your vision.