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March 07, 2019 2 min read

I love buying fresh flowers to have at home. Flowers really brighten everything up, and make everything feel more put together.

During the winter I keep arrangements in my kitchen, but when spring rolls around, super market bouquets are added to the shopping list. While plopping floral arrangements into any vase you have is easy, with so many gorgeous blooms you can create unique floral arrangements for spring. Farmer's markets are great to find that you can bring home to create these arrangements, but it's easy to get creative with a few simple ideas!
Get Stacking
For single blooms you can use as little vases. This is good if you don't have a lot of space, or want your arrangements scattered around your home. Square votive holders are great because not only are they gorgeous, they are easily stack-able. This way you can make a small vignette of flowers on a side table or mantle.
Stay Submersed
Unique Floral Arrangements For Spring
Traditionally, you have your floral arrangements rise above the top of your vase. However, that's a rule that is totally meant to be broken. Place some hydrangea in a wide vase and have the stems fill out the middle of the . This arrangement is great because you also don't have any petals that will fall around your vase to clean up later.
Fantastic Floaters
Unique Floral Arrangements For Spring
and are great for unique floral arrangements for spring. They can be great to use for succulents in terrariums, but you can create a gorgeous low-lying floral arrangement with them as well. Place Gerbera daisies in the water without a stem and they'll float around gorgeously. This unique arrangement is perfect for tablescapes and dinner parties, as they won't block your view from any guests.
Hang Them Above
Unique Floral Arrangements For Spring
Hanging arrangements are always so modern and gorgeous looking. If you can create a hanging arrangement have with roses hang above your tablescape for a modern and intriguing arrangement. This arrangement keeps surfaces clear and mess free!
Mix Mediums
Unique Floral Arrangements For Spring
Floral arrangements can be so much more than just flowers and water in a vase. Add rocks and to add some texture and edge to your floral arrangements. Use sturdy rocks to hold your stems upright for an extra modern flair to this arrangement.
Add Candles
Unique Floral Arrangements For Spring
Candles make everything better. are a great addition to unique floral arrangements for spring. Place some flowers in a cylinder and submerse them underneath a floating candle. This adds texture and color to any floating candle centerpiece you may want to recreate for events. You can coordinate your candle colors or go with a classic white or ivory that matches everything. Springtime brings lots of different flowers into our gardens and . While there is nothing wrong with throwing your supermarket bouquet into a vase, there are so many different ways to make your floral arrangements unique pieces in your home that people won't stop complimenting.