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July 12, 2018 1 min read

How to make a scentedspicewreath

Use aromatic herbs and spices to make a fragrant spice wreath. Simply hot glue them unto a grapevine wreath form. Hang it in a warm place to release the rich scent.


Additional Supplies:


You can use any whole spices you choose. For variation try cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, bay leaves, dried citrus, ginger root slices, dried chilies, or garlic heads .

1.Glue small clusters of two or three nutmeg all around the wreath. Leave a small space between each cluster.

2.Glue two or three tiny cones between the nutmeg clusters. Use any remaining cones to cover the wreath base by gluing them over empty spaces.

3.Glue the star anise in a back and forth pattern every inch or so all around the wreath. They should be glued around the other materials to fill in empty spaces and create a unified look.

4. Group the cloves in clusters of three and glue the clusters all around the wreath. Alternate them every few inches to create a unifying pattern around the wreath.

5.Take a 6 inch length of floral wire and attach to back to hang.