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July 12, 2018 1 min read

How to make a Single Flower Bouquet or Wedding Nosegay

See how to make this pretty bouquet using one very elaborate flower along with smaller filler flowers.
Materials needed:
(dry foam for silks and dried flowers, wet foam for fresh flowers) 1 1 3 stems 1 package pearl sprays
To Make:
  • Cut the stem of the large, single flower to 3" and insert it in the middle of the holder.
  • Cut the 2-1/2" wide ribbon into eight 8" pieces. Make each piece into a loop and secure the ends with floral wire. Hot glue them around the edges of the holder on top of the lace.(for information on how to make a perfect bow)
  • Cut off 8 pieces of the filler flower spray. Leave the stems 3" long. Insert them evenly around the flower.
  • Pull the flower heads off the three medium flower stems and hot glue them into the petals of the flower. Leave some flowers to glue onto the tails of the ribbon.
  • Tie the remaining 2"-2-1/2" satin ribbon and the 7/8" sheer ribbon around the base of the flowers and allow them to hang freely or make a bow.
  • Glue the remaining small flowers on the tails of the ribbon.
  • Use Oasis Floral Adhesive glue to secure the pearl sprays inside the petals of the big flower. (Hot glue will melt the stems.)