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July 12, 2018 2 min read


  • Sola Flowers
  • Bowl of slightly warm water - 3" to 4" depth of water is best
  • Bowl of water for rinsing brush
  • Paper towel for blotting moistened flower
  • Acrylic paint – Plaid – Folkart Alizarin Crimson or color of your choice
  • Small plate for mixing paint with water
  • Watercolor brush
  • Baking sheet covered with paper towel sections for drying flowers


  • Working with a single flower at a time, hold the flower upside down by the base area. Quickly dip the sola flower into the bowl of slightly warm water for approximately 3 seconds. Simply submerse the flower and count to three. The goal is to simply moisten the flower.

How to Paint Sola FlowersHow to Paint Sola Flowers

  • Using a paper towel hold the moistened flower upside down and gently blot any excess water. Set flower aside upright on a paper towel while mixing your paint.

How to Paint Sola Flowers

  • Place a small amount (about the size of a quarter) of acrylic paint on your mixing plate. This is enough paint for three or four flowers.

How to Paint Sola Flowers

  • Using a paintbrush dipped in plain water, add water at a ratio of three parts water to one part paint. The goal is to create a “wash” of color. Add more water or slightly more paint to achieve the depth of color you wish.

How to Paint Sola Flowers

  • Holding the base of the flower and using a watercolor brush dipped in paint, simply touch the edge of each flower petal. The paint will feed color into the moistened petals. Continue painting each petal until the effect you desire is created. While a petal is still moist, additional color can be added.

How to Paint Sola Flowers

  • Set the painted sola flower on a paper towel that has been placed on a baking tray. Allow flower to dry completely. Drying time varies depending upon flower size. Allow a few hours before removing flower from tray. Store painted sola flowers in a warm, dry atmosphere.

How to Paint Sola Flowers

  • Use your flowers to decorate wreaths, gifts, or fashion lovely, personalized arrangements from to display in your home or at your special event!

How to Paint Sola Flowers