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July 12, 2018 1 min read

How to make your own pew bows and chair bows with two ribbon sashes

For this bow you can use the 'one loop' method that most people use with shoelaces .

  • Take two chair sashes (each measures 9" wide by 3 yards long) and use one sash to tie a bow. Make it what ever size you want.
  • Hold the ribbon sash in one hand and find the middle. Start on one side fold over the first side of the bow and then the other side. Just like you are tying a huge shoelace.
  • You can make adjustments by pulling on either side of the bow.
  • Now take the second sash and tie it around the ribbon knot (the center of the bow) these are the ribbon tails.
  • You are making a Basic Bow and adding faux tails.
  • Attach to pews with a pew klip (another style pew klip). Run a piece of thin wire over the bow knot and attach to a pew klip through the little hole on the side.

Take the bows with you to the reception to attach to chairs or to decorate the cake table. See more bow making instructions