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July 12, 2018 1 min read

Hang this arrangement on the wall or use as a centerpiece


Additional Supplies:


1. Loosen the bundles of sticks so they are about 10" wide. Lay them end-to-end, overlapping the bundles about 5" and attach them together with the floral wire. Make a wire loop (with the floral wire) for a hanger and attach this to floral wire on the back.Twist a circle with a medium gauge wire. Slip the wire around a few branches in the back, at the top of the swag. Wrap it around a few times and twist the ends of the wire. Make sure the loop is secure.Secure the ends by pushing them into the back of the swag

2. Glue moss on each side of the middle of the swag using a glue gun. Let dry

3. Take individual grape leaves off the grape garland and your dried maple leaves and glue onto the ends and scattered throughout the swag. Let dry. You can also attach by using wooden wired picks.

4. Cut your berry garland into 7 - 3" piece. Hang your swag up at this point so you can see how will look. Then add the berry garlands. Use the floral wire to attach them under the moss in the middle.

5. Make a raffia bow and glue to the center.