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May 19, 2022 4 min read

How to Throw the Ultimate Housewarming Party!


You did it, and elation becomes you. You are now a proud owner of your dream home(or close). The road has probably been rocky, either with finding the property that suits you and finally closing the deal or with simply deciding it's time to invest in your nook and do a complete makeover. No matter the scenario, you have finally reached that finish line. You're home. So, welcome. All of the boxes are unpacked, and for that final touch - you're now also a proud owner of that fruit bowl in your kitchen with actual, fresh fruit up for grabs. The fruit bowl is always that subtle indicator - if it's there, it's time. So! What do you say? Let's open the door to your new home and share it with those who matter (and the ones who matter a tad bit less, let's not get picky here). This is how to throw the ultimate housewarming party; put your hats on!

Plan it like a pro

Housewarming parties are a rare fruit; some get to experience it only once, and some have a few historical parties under their belt. All the same, it's a rare occurrence and should be treated and prepared for with respect. It's a milestone you're celebrating, not just another birthday. (not to say transience is not to be celebrated, 100% yes) So, how do we do it?

It will be worth all the vacuuming - that's a promise.

Choose your date wisely

Date - as in time, but we can extend the idea to a potential person in mind later. So, why is it important? Well, if you're sending out invitations before actually finishing moving in, the wrath of suspense and accumulated stress will follow you like a shadow. Maybe you've decided on making your home eco-friendly, and the project is falling behind schedule. What now? Make sure you've completely settled in before your open house day. Reasonable notice is in order so that your guests can plan ahead. Always choose weekends, or suffer "The Hangover" sequel consequences.

Know your guests

Having that +/- number is a good place to start. It will set the scene for you. Will it be a small gathering? Or +100 people knocking on your door? Should you extend the party to your garden/outdoor area? Do you like it bustling, or are you planning an opera night with your besties? (not that it's the quietest, on the contrary) A housewarming party is an act of making your house a home. We like it gala style. Your family and friends are not variables, but what about inviting your new neighbors over? Pro ice-breaker move, right there. Opt for mingling instead of an awkward, welcoming casserole with chirping in the background.

If you're wondering how to throw the ultimate housewarming party, start with knowing your invitee number.

Show your good manners

According to moving experts from a2bmovingandstorage.com, most young couples are eager to throw a housewarming party after moving. And most of them register for their parties. So, this one's a bit tricky. Yes, your family members know you, and your friends love you for many things, but what about acquaintances and neighbors? It may come on a bit too strong; you could be viewed as materialistic and superficial if you're too keen on getting housewarming presents. Most of the guests will bring a gift without you having to remind them. Pay attention, as it could be insulting to some. If you're asking us how to throw the ultimate housewarming party, we say - let nature take its course.

Set the tone

You know your people. You know yourself. What's the party ideal? It's impossible to please everyone. Some will enjoy dancing their heels off, while others might prefer philosophical debates. (it's true) Your friends might be thrilled if you organize a scavenger hunt while your neighbors quietly disappear in a cloud of magical mist. So, find the common denominator. Maybe a casual outdoor dinner? Or go full-on disco? It's your housewarming party, and you know what you like.
Understand what brings your guests together.

The more important part

You guessed it - it's food. There isn't a thing that can go wrong at your party when you have bellies full of goodness. Food is like the Esperanto language (the only difference is that food is still around) - it's a medium of communication, no matter the person standing next to you. It could even be a random stranger who saw the lights were on and decided to give their social skills a go. Food connects us unconditionally. So. Throw a feast! (and don't forget to close the gate, just in case) From exotic finger foods to sticking to tradition (go BBQ), you're problem-free as long as it is tasty. Or, you could simply organize an "around-the-world" potluck and have your guests bring over a diversity of international dishes. (from NYC to Japan)

Celebration decoration

Well, you know what? This is your fiesta. And it should show. You've decorated your new home from scratch, so why not go over the top for the special occasion? We don't mean "kitsch" by throwing a little decor tantrum, but it's a housewarming party. A new life phase should be celebrated with style. It will set the mood, and your guests will see and appreciate the effort you've put in. Your job is to pick a theme that suits your home and personality the best. Hawaii? African savanna?

If you're still in the process

If you've just moved to your peach home in Maryland, you're probably still decompressing and sorting your boxes out. The party can wait if that's the case. No rush. Opting for storage services in a safe facility in Maryland is the optimal solution for moving in gradually. (because, let's face it, having a box-made Grand Canyon in your living room isn't helping anyone)

After all

Your friends and family are there because they love you. Even if you order pizza and have them sitting on floor pillows, they'll stick around because they don't care about the little things. (though cocktails would be nice, hm?) If you're still wondering how to throw the ultimate housewarming party, the answer is simple: Just make it fun.

It's time to open that door and get the party started. Let's make it an unforgettable night!