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May 13, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: 5 Fun Activities for Your Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a chance to kick back and have fun with your favorite people before your wedding. Consider planning these fun activities to keep your friends entertained! You can enjoy them after catching up with everyone and opening gifts.

1. Try a Wedding Ring Toss

Reinvent the horseshoe toss by painting a set of large rings to look like wedding bands. Two teams can toss rings to score three points for landing on each stake. Whoever gets to 40 points first can win a prize.

2. Play Table Tennis

Table tennis is an easy game for large groups, even if your guests have never tried it before. All you need is a rental package that includes a table, paddles and balls that will fit in your living room or backyard. Compete one-on-one to test your reflexes and offer a prize to whoever wins the most rounds.

3. Make a Cocktail Together

If your loved ones are always up for trying a new drink, create a wedding-themed cocktail and demonstrate how to make it. Everyone can make their own glass by following steps like mixing honey with whiskey to create a love-rush version of a whiskey sour. No matter what recipe you pick, your guests will have fun becoming mixologists for a night!

4. Ask Friendship Trivia Questions 

You’re close to all your bridal shower guests, so trivia could be a fun way to get a conversation going or make everyone laugh. Prepare a list of questions that only best friends could answer to test your knowledge of each other while having fun.


5. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Challenge everyone to a scavenger hunt if your bridal shower is in a downtown area. They can take pictures at specific locations on a list you hand out and race back to your favorite restaurant or bar to see who checks off their entire list first. You’ll get to see more of your city and go home with tons of fun photos.

Plan Fun Bridal Shower Activities

Consider these fun activities for your bridal shower to plan the perfect event. You can throw something new into the mix so your party is about more than eating cake and opening gifts. Your guests will love the new forms of entertainment and make memories with you that last a lifetime.