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May 20, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: Decorating Your Property for a Home Wedding

Getting married at home has multiple advantages. You’ll save a small fortune on renting a venue, giving you more to spend on your honeymoon or marital home. You also enjoy the convenience of feeling more comfortable in your surroundings.

Still, you need to prepare your home for the festivities. Here are five tips when decorating your property for a home wedding.

1. Select Durable Decor

You will probably want to preserve precious memories of your big day. That’s hard to do when they crumble or shred in the wind.

That’s not to say you can’t find high-quality bargain decor. Inspect the label. Some fabrics, such as polyester, are strong and durable while resisting damage from mold, mildew and insects, giving you fewer storage headaches later.

2. Work With Your Existing Landscape

What does your landscaping look like? Depending on your color scheme and plant selection, you might already have much of the “decor” you need. For example, a stunning forsythia hedge looks marvelous as a background against dark blue bridesmaids' gowns when picture time arrives.

You could also use your wedding as an excuse to upgrade. Have you wanted to add pavers for walkways or an eye-catching water feature? Why not do so before your big day and continue enjoying your purchase long after saying, “I do?”

3. Keep Pests at Bay

Backyard weddings typically occur in the warmer months, which means bugs. You don’t want your guests to get bit and stung or let an army of ants invade their food.

Use natural solutions such as sticking table legs in a water dish to deter crawling pests. Keep flying insects at bay with creative decor like citronella tiki torches that look far more elegant than bug zappers after sundown.

4. Consider the Time of Day

Many home weddings take place during the day. However, if you plan on dancing till dawn on your rented floor, you need illumination. Several sets of string lights turn your property into a fairy tale.

Keep in mind that temperatures can drop quickly after dark. It’s wise to rent several patio heaters if you don’t own them so that guests can stay toasty.

5. Keep It Tidy

The downside of having a home wedding on your property is the cleanup. However, you can take steps to minimize the mess.

Include several garbage and recycling bins throughout so that guests don’t leave empty bottles and cans perched on every windowsill. Create a soaking tray for dirty dishware that soaks off food bits before hitting the dishwasher.

Decorating Your Property for a Home Wedding

Having a wedding at home has multiple advantages. However, you want your backyard to look the part. Follow the above tips for decorating your property for a home wedding.