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August 19, 2021 6 min read

Sure! A wedding hashtag is a no-brainer approach to collecting and grouping all of your wedding images, including those that your guests snap on your special day. But, as if coming up with original and unique hashtag ideas wasn't hard enough, making sure that your guests know about it and use it can be much more difficult. So, here are some sure-fire ways to market your wedding hashtag throughout the wedding to encourage your guests to use it.

What Is A Wedding Hashtag

When you’re planning a wedding, you have to learn a lot of new wedding terminology. At times it may seem like you’re learning an entirely new language. Everything from Micro-weddings, Later-moons, OOT (out-of-town), sequel weddings, and now wedding hashtags. So, if the phrase “wedding hashtag” is new to you, we’re here to help.

So, here’s the deal...it’s just like the hashtags you use in your daily life on social media. They’re phrases or words grouped on the social platform (behind the scenes) using the tiny, otherwise insignificant, # character. Pretty cool, huh? Hashtags are now part of our everyday lives, and subconsciously, or without even thinking about it, we add them to the posts that we share on social media. Your wedding hashtag is used in the same way, but with a slightly different purpose.

Using your wedding hashtag allows you to group your wedding photos by creating an on-the-go, online social photo album. It’s an easy way for you to share your photos with friends and family. All you have to do is tell them to enter your wedding hashtag and poof! They’ll see an online social photo album of your special day.

7 Ideas For Displaying Your Wedding Hashtag

Now that you understand what a wedding hashtag is and its purpose, you may wonder how you get your guests to use it. There are many ingenious ways to “market” your wedding hashtag to guests, family, and friends. We suggest that you start using it right away and throughout the wedding planning stages, not just at the wedding. Wedding hashtags can be so much more than just a grouping of your photos; they can help tell your love story. From proposal to I Do’s and even into the honeymoon and as your family grows.

1. Wedding Signage

wedding welcome sign

This is undoubtedly one of the most obvious ways to inform your guests about your hashtag. A variety of wedding signage ideas can be incorporated into your decor to serve as subtle clues and reminders to post and hashtag your wedding. So, here are some fantastic ways you can display your wedding hashtag with signage.

  • Signage at the entrance to your venue
  • A themed sign at the entrance to your wedding reception space
  • Your table number signage
  • Any printed material (see below for ideas)
  • At the cocktail bar
  • In the restrooms

2. Wedding Programs

wedding invitation spread

A great place to showcase your wedding hashtag is on all your printed materials. The save-the-date cards, invitations, bridal showers, and even your wedding programs are all wonderful places to get the word out. Of course, the earlier you get the word out, the more successful your hashtag will be. So, what makes your wedding programs a good place for your wedding hashtag? Well, your guests will be sitting quietly waiting for your wedding procession and ceremony, so you have their undivided attention. That gives them time to “read” the program and see your wedding hashtag, making it fresh in their mind. This means they’ll be more likely to use it.

3. Photo Booth

Yes, indeed! Nothing beats a photo booth for injecting some excitement into your wedding. Yes, the festive photo booth is still in demand. If you're adding interactive elements to your wedding with a photo booth, we recommend including your hashtag here as well. Add it to the bottom of a photo frame prop or the top of a festive background to make it stand out.

Wedding photo booths are an excellent way to get your guests mixing and socializing, and your guests will appreciate this wedding experience with all of the props and creative poses.

4. Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a great way to express your gratitude to your guests for attending your wedding, bringing a present, and even being a part of your love story. And, because they are typically distributed near the end of your event, they’re an excellent spot to include your wedding hashtag. You’ll be sending them home with a souvenir that expresses your affection for them as well as your hashtag. This encourages them to use it for sharing photos that they may have taken but also to view your wedding photography.

5. Wall Decor

wedding sign

If your wedding venue is a blank canvas, you may be considering adding some festive wedding decor to the walls. A great way to do this is by illuminating your “catchphrase,” monogram, or wedding hashtag. Nothing gets the attention of wedding guests more than things that are illuminated which makes it a perfect place for your hashtag. Other ideas for wall decor could be your place card display or a lower wall with your hashtag written in floral blooms.

6. Bar

One place that most of your guests will spend a reasonable amount of time is your cocktail bar. And since they’ll likely have to wait in line, or at the minimum, wait for their drink to be made, it’s a great place to display your wedding hashtag. A couple of creative ideas for a hashtag display at your bar are, of course, a small sign, but you can also have custom wedding coasters made or even custom koozies. Your guests will love it!

7. Menu

And don’t forget your menu cards. Remember we said any and all printed items are great places to display your wedding hashtag, including your menu cards. Wedding menu cards are simple, straight to the point, and have your guests’ undivided attention. And they can be a conversation starter which means they’ll be talking about your hashtag.

How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Hashtag

wedding hashtag sign

Knowing what a wedding hashtag is and how to display it is great, but how do you find the perfect hashtag for your event? The key to having a memorable wedding hashtag is to come up with something clever, snappy, unique, or amusing. In addition, it should be something that your guests will like and something that compliments your personality and love story. Many couples try to design their hashtag for their wedding, but if you're having trouble coming up with something iconic and completely distinct, you might need some assistance. Here are some ideas on how to find your perfect wedding hashtag.

Use A Professional Wedding Hashtag Service

Your love story is unique to you, so your wedding hashtag should be as well. But we recommend that you avoid using a popular hashtag, such as #mrandmrssmith. Sure, it may be suitable, but consider how many Mr. and Mrs. Smiths there are in the world using that hashtag. If you’re stuck on what your hashtag should be, let the pros handle it! Wedding Hashers has a team of professional hashtag writers who would love to write your hashtag for your big day. 

couple dancing

How does it work? The writers at Wedding Hashers will combine your names and other small facts, such as the first date locale, hobbies, and maybe even your wedding venue, to develop a hashtag that is unique to you as a couple. What’s the significance of this? If you use a popular wedding hashtag for your event, your images will be mixed in with other newlyweds who are using the same hashtag. And that’s the very last thing you want! Getting lost in the infinite sea of wedding photographs on social media...no, thank you!

Wedding Hashtag Generator

Professional wedding hashtag services do come at a cost. So, if you’re trying to stick to your budget but have writer's block when it comes to your hashtag, another solution is a wedding hashtag generator. Wedding hashtag generators are a simple and easy way to create a hashtag for your special day without the extra cost. Here are some pros and cons to using a wedding hashtag generator over a professional service.

The Pros Of Using A Wedding Hashtag Generator

  • You receive your hashtags immediately.
  • It’s free! And who doesn’t love free?
  • You’ll receive a good wedding hashtag for your social wedding album

The Cons Of Using A Wedding Hashtag Generator

  • The results are computer-generated sometimes; they lack a little flair.
  • The hashtag generated may not be unique.
  • Other couples may already be using the same hashtag (or might after you).

A Hashtag Your Guests Won’t Forget

Creating an unforgettable, mind-blowing wedding experience begins with the smallest details, such as your wedding hashtag. While many visitors may not notice your hashtag on your Save-The-Date cards, having a unique and personalized wedding hashtag will ultimately make the entire journey one that both you and your guests can enjoy along the way.