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August 17, 2021 2 min read

You want to reflect on the memories of your wedding for years to come — how else can you share your story with future grandchildren? To do so, you need to preserve precious items to make them last.

Here are storage tips for five types of decor you’ll want to keep for posterity.

1. Shoes and Signs

Let’s start with the easiest items to store — hardy items, like those customized signs and your wedding shoes. Since these things are the least likely to suffer damage from varying temperatures, you can think outside the hope chest.

Your garage makes the ideal location. If you don’t have much room, an above-the-garage-door storage solution could help preserve precious floor space while letting you place these items in sealed plastic bins that are safe from insect pests.

2. The Cake

You might think that eating a year-old cake sounds like a repulsive idea. However, it’s all how you store it — reflect on how canned food lasts indefinitely when those green beans would otherwise rot in days.

The best choice for keeping your cake fresh and preserving the taste and texture in the freezer is to wrap it in several layers of plastic wrap and place it in a sealed container. Please don’t use aluminum foil, as it will cause freezer burn.

3. Your Dress

wedding card table

Your dress can yellow with age or suffer damage if exposed to the elements, so you want to keep it inside your house. Time is of the essence — the faster you get your gown to the cleaners or preservationist, the better your chances of removing hidden stains. If you go with a cleaner, you’ll need to place your garment in a sealed, airtight box or let the pros do it for you. Afterward, put it in a cool, dark place.

4. The Flowers

Here’s the fun part — the decor. Dried flowers last an average of one year, so you could opt for this preservation method. If you want them to last longer, you can dip them in silica gel or combine them with your invitation storage.

5. Your Invitations

Paper can yellow with age or get eaten by moths. However, this type of wedding decor is the easiest to store. How to? Make them into framed photographs or, better yet, shadow boxes containing some of your preserved flowers.

Try These Storage Solutions for Five Types of Wedding Decor

You want to preserve your big day memories to share with future grandchildren or simply reflect on your love. Try the storage solutions above for five types of wedding decor.