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August 24, 2021 2 min read

Part of the fun of preparing for your wedding involves reading horror stories online to learn what not to do. Regardless of how you prepare, certain snafus can cause headaches and delays.

Here are five big-day hold-ups and how to avoid them.

1. Car Trouble

What happens if you start hearing thumping sounds and vibrating noises indicative of a flat tire halfway between the church and your reception venue? You don’t want to damage your rims by driving with it that way — please carry a spare. Include an old T-shirt to change into if you have to swap it out so that you don’t get grease all over your tux.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you maintain your vehicle by getting routine tire rotations, you can prevent the uneven wear and tear that leads to flats. You'll also improve your fuel economy, saving you money at the pump — more for your honeymoon.

2. Lost Guests

You counted on your Uncle Bill to give the toast. However, cocktail hour is about to start and he’s nowhere to be found.

Out-of-town guests might struggle to navigate unfamiliar streets. Please include a map with your invitations and clear instructions on how to get to each venue. Alternatively, consider renting a party bus so that everyone arrives at the same time.

3. Weather Woes

close up of bridal bouquet

You always wanted to say “I do” at the beach. You didn’t count on a late-season hurricane interrupting your vows.

When planning outdoor events, it pays to have an alternative indoor venue. Light rain won’t put too much of a damper on your plans, but a severe thunderstorm can endanger your guests.

4. A Damaged Dress

Your flower girl steps on your train and you hear a rip. Please don’t call off your wedding or burst into tears. Simply ensure that you have a sewing kit, including easy-to-use fabric tape for speedy repairs on the fly.

5. Baby Makes Three?

What if your babysitter doesn’t show up in time for you to leave for your honeymoon? Do you have to cancel your trip?

It always pays to make a plan B for your kiddos. Do your due diligence by hiring a certified sitter but consider keeping a trusted friend or relative on call as a backup in case of emergencies.

Avoid These 5 Hold-Ups on Your Big Day

Please don’t let your wedding become an internet horror story. Avoid the five hold-ups above on your big day with these expert tips.