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July 13, 2018 4 min read

With fall just around the corner, you can bring warmth to your upcoming wedding decorations with rustic, contemporary, or cozy thematic elements. Fall weddings tend to utilize earthy colors and textures to highlight the season’s enticing ambiance. Here are some ideas on how to emulate the beauty of fall at your wedding.

  1. Budding Bucket

    For a warm and vibrant look at your ceremony, use this fall wedding decoration idea. Like ode to the season, a rustic pail filled with bright leaves will evoke the cozy feelings of fall. Emulate this look by filling a galvanized flower market bucket with several preserved oak branches with bright, fiery leaves. Next, incorporate a few tiger branches into your oak branch arrangement to give it rugged texture. Complete your look by scatteringmaple leaves around the bottom of the bucket. This decoration will look stunning when placed on along your ceremony aisle. Photo from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs
    Top 8 Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas
  2. Light Sprigs

    This simple, elegant tablescape will perfectly garnish your evening reception. This fall wedding idea compliments understated, minimal décor. For this spruced up arrangement, place glass cylinder vases and ivory pillar candles down the middle of a long banquet table. Next, fill the vases with vibrant artificial tea leaf sprays to add depth and texture to your display. Incorporate an organic flourish by placing linen napkins next to each guest’s plate. Photo from Apartment Therapy
    Top 8 Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas
  3. Earthy Elegance

    Fall decorations needn’t be dark or bright—they can also be neutral and earthy. This fall wedding centerpiece will wonderfully compliment your enchanting, rustic decorative scheme. For this look, begin by covering your banquet table with an unbleached muslin tablecloth and a burlap table runner. Arrange a grapevine wreath in the center of your table, which will be used as the foundation of your centerpiece. Next, select two large amber glass bottles and one small amber bottle for your display. Slather matte Mod Podge all over your bottles, letting each layer dry before adding more. Once the bottles are dry, place them in the wreath, and fill each with bunches of reeds and eucalyptus sprigs. Complete this decoration by scribbling the table number on a hanging chalkboard sign, and looping it over the necks of one of your bottles. Photo from Wedding Chicks
    Top 8 Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas
  4. Hay Day

    For a festive seasonal tablescape, utilize natural elements and organic material. Emulate this fall wedding decoration by laying a jute table runnerdown the middle of your farmhouse table. Arrange a large round tree slice in the center of the table to bring a rustic look to your display. Next, set a voluminous cluster of dried wheat stalks atop the wood slice, and tie a thick jute ribbon into a bow around the middle of the bunch. Next, place several wood pedestal candle holders with ivory pillar candles along your table runner to complete your seasonal look. Photo from Uncommon Designs
    Top 8 Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas
  5. Harvest Box

    Perfect for shelves, appetizers tables, or your reception centerpieces, this box of plenty will give your fall wedding décor a fresh flourish. Recreate this look by filling a wood crate with a bunched up maple leaf garland. Next, arrange three tall ivory pillar candles in the box to bring warm resplendence to your display. Fill in any empty spaces in the box with orange artificial maple leaves and colorful artificial pumpkins and gourds. Complete this glorious box by scribbling “Give Thanks” on a small chalkboard, and propping it against the side of the crate. Photo from Good Housekeeping
    Top 8 Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas
  6. Gazing Golden

    Celebrate the vivid shades of October and November with this sleek tablescape. For this fall wedding decoration, place several large clear glass cylinder vases down the middle of a long banquet table. Partially fill each vase with water, and place burnt yellow calla lily bouquets tied with cinnabar ribbon in each vase. Complete this look by scattering preserved red rose petals around the vases. Photo from Message Note
    Top 8 Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas
  7. Earthy Lights

    For a simple yet eye-catching light display at your special day, look no further than mason jars, votives, and acorns. This fall wedding decoration will help transition your reception from the afternoon to evening. For this display, use 16-ounce mason jars as your rustic lanterns. Place glass-held votive candles in the jars, and surround the candles with acorns or acorn sprays. These lanterns can be set on tables or can strung on aluminum wire to hang on tree branches or shepherd hooks. Photo from Intimate Weddings
    Top 8 Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas
  8. Singular Ribbon

    This elegant, minimal decoration will bring a classic look to your ceremony or reception. This fall wedding decoration will beautifully garnish the back of your chairs. Recreate this attractive decoration by cutting velvet ribbon to size and tying it around the back of your chair. Next, place a sprig of lavender in the center of your ribbon. For an adorable display, decorate both chairs at your sweetheart table with these simple sashes. Photo from Dreamy Whites
    Top 8 Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas