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June 20, 2019 2 min read

Boxwood is a glorious accent for the holidays and events. However, have you ever thought about sprucing up your home with boxwood? Decorating with boxwood can be as easy at 1-2-3!

Decorating with boxwood accents at home can add lovely to any room. The bonus is that is comes in a variety of styles and types so that you can find the perfect piece to add some deep greenery into your home.
Wall Decor
decorating with boxwood
This is perhaps the easiest way to decorate your home with . Adding a garland or wreath on the way can add something extra, especially to a gallery wall. You can also hang a mini chalkboard sign in your wreath to personalize the greenery that you're hanging on you wall. Place in the middle of a gallery wall and frame it with framed photos and signs that show off your personal style.
Door Decor
decorating with boxwood
Alternatively, decorating with boxwood can start at your front steps. Take a and hang it on your front door. You can personalize your wreath with ribbon, flowers or other accents to reflect your home and the season. You can take time to change the wreath decorations out with the seasons, but a boxwood wreath is perfect no matter what time of year.
Table Runner
You can place boxwood garland along your table and frame it with for the perfect tablescape. This is a simple centerpiece that works year round, just change out the candle color or holders! Keeping a simple tablescape is perfect for someone who likes greenery that is easy to switch up.
decorating with boxwood
Vase Filler
Take a clear glass and fill it with a boxwood garland! Having the greenery flow over the top of the vase is a lush look that perfectly accents a mantle or side table. Decorating with boxwood can be unique and different, and finding inventive ways to use it like this really adds a special flair to your home.
Candle Ring
If you like the idea of using boxwood with pillar holders, but don't want to use it for your entire tablescape, use it for a candle ring! Place a smaller wreath or garland around the base of a large or holder to act as a green accent to the look! This is perfect for a side table, or a very simple centerpiece for a smaller table. Greenery is the perfect finishing touch to anyone's home decor. While you may add bouquets, there's just something special about the deep green of boxwood. And luckily, boxwood is available in a variety of ways so that you can implement it into your home in a way that sparks joy for you.