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June 12, 2019 4 min read

Deciding to on finishes for kitchens and bathrooms can be tough. There are so many price points and different materials to choose from. Budgets can range from very affordable to extremely expensive. The materials chosen will have a big impact on home value and the feel of the kitchen or bathroom project.

People who want the high-end look of natural stones at an affordable price are turning to quartz. Builders and homeowners love the look and durability of quartz for kitchen and bathroom countertops, as well as in other parts of the home. Quartz gives a luxury feel that will endure for years . It’s the best low maintenance, quality finish countertop for folks who want a good mix of beauty and convenience. Let’s take a look at five reasons why quartz is the best option for your home.
Quartz Stands the Test of Time
The manufacturing process makes quartz harder than granite or marble. It’s also completely nonporous, so no oils or juice or water that’s left on the countertop will seep inside. The crushed quartz is mixed with resins and polymers to make seamless slabs that are almost impossible to stain or damage. That’s in stark contrast to the high-maintenance natural stones like marble and granite. Those require regular sealant and diligent cleaning. Quartz can take a beating and look great doing it. It’s almost impossible to crack or chip. Other materials cost a great deal upfront, need annual maintenance and regular cleaning, and still end up with a shorter lifespan than quartz.
Quartz is Optimal for Owners Concerned About Selling
No one lives in the same house forever. Even though people dream about growing old there when they buy a place, most people live in a house for several years and then move on to the next. Whether it’s because of a job or growing family, people move and have to sell. Quartz is the best selection for sellers because they stand the best chance of recouping their investment. Kitchens and bathrooms are equity drivers in a home. People love coming into a house and seeing beautiful countertops inside. However, it’s never a good bet that you’ll get back everything you spend on making your kitchen look great. That’s a shame for homeowners that spend thousands of dollars, or even tens of thousands of dollars on a marble kitchen renovation. If they have to sell earlier than they’d planned, they’ve thrown all that money away on countertops they didn’t get to enjoy. With quartz countertops, owners can enjoy their beautiful home without worrying about whether they’ll ever get a return on their investment.
There are Endless Design Options
The quartz manufacturing process makes customization easy. Homeowners who want a rare style of granite or marble have to pay up to get what they want. Finding a certain pattern or color hue can be a major hit to the budget. Not so with quartz. The polymers and resin mixes can be adapted to give the quartz countertop slabs virtually any appearance. Colors and patterns can be made to fit any kitchen or bathroom design. It really gives homeowners and interior designers total freedom. You don’t have to design your kitchen around what kind of countertop you can get a hold of. Quartz can fit whatever you love so you can craft the perfect room in your home.
They Require Very Little Maintenance
We’ve touched on this briefly, but quartz is among the lowest maintenance countertop materials out there. It’s nonporous, so everything stays on the surface. That also means its more hygienic than other materials because there’s no space for bacteria to grow. It’s a plus for people concerned with food preparation and families with children. All quartz needs for a cleaning is some soap and water. Other materials require specialized cleaners to avoid damage. Quartz stays stain and crack free. There are also no seams for dirt and grime to fester in. Quartz quality makes it easy to spot spills or crumbs. It helps prevent dirty buildups that could damage other materials. One thing to remember is that even if something happens to a portion of the countertop, it’s not the end of the world. Unlike marble or granite, where it can be extremely difficult to find matching slabs, quartz replacement slabs can be made to order. The replacement slabs will fit in and look like nothing ever happened.
Manufacturing is Done in an Eco-Friendly Way
Builders and designers know that home buyers are more environmentally conscious than ever. People want to know their products were made and delivered with minimal impact on the environment. Having eco-friendly products is also an expression of a homeowner’s values. Few people these days want to buy beauty at the cost of damaging an area of the world. Almost all quartz countertops are antimicrobial and non-toxic. They’re made in a way that even when disposed of, will have minimal impact. They don’t require toxic sealants that some other countertops require. Many quartz manufacturers publish their engineering process to give buyers peace of mind about their products. It’s the perfect material for homeowners who want to communicate that they care about the long-term effects of purchases on the environment. There are more than just these five reasons to explain why quartz has taken the home building and renovation world by storm. It’s grown massively in popularity over the last several years and homeowners continue to opt for quartz because of its perfect balance between quality and price. Quartz manufacturers also continue to push the manufacturing technology forward to make the product better and eco-friendly. It gives designers and owners the freedom to really stretch the boundaries of kitchen design. There are so many , shapes, and designs to choose from. Homeowners can enjoy their beautiful countertops all while knowing they’ve made a wise investment that will pay dividends if they ever decide to sell.