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June 27, 2019 3 min read

The wedding banquet serves as the traditional way of celebrating love while sharing the moment among your family and friends. With several aspects to consider, it can be overwhelming for couples to pull off the wedding reception that they visualized.

Food and cuisine are not the only factors in the equation: you also must deal with other elements such as the venue, the reception music, and the table decorations. Good thing, you can now ask the assistance of experts that offer wedding packages in Greece all inclusive of the services that you need to bring a wonderful reality out of what you pictured. Before consulting with wedding planners, it is highly recommended to acquire some ideas from different sources with regards to the elements and decorations of your ideal event. There are numerous inspirations that you can get from social media applications which include Pinterest and websites such as , one of the best wedding planners in Greece. By showing some photos of inspirations to your event planner, it’ll be easier for you to communicate your ideas about how you visualize your upcoming celebration whether it’s a beach wedding in Athens, a rooftop wedding in New York, or a garden wedding in Paris! If you’re still in the hunt for the best ways to decorate your tables, this article presents stunning creative table centerpiece ideas that you might want to use for your wedding banquet.
  1. Shades of Blue
Creative Table Centerpiece Ideas
What better way to decorate a beach banquet than using the hues of the ocean? This blue bouquet with a minimal touch of old rose and white adds a charming vibe of nautical lifestyle to the whole table setup. Perfect for , this centerpiece highlights the color of the blue waters that surround the celebration.
  1. Cakes and Candles
Creative Table Centerpiece Ideas
Delight your invitees with a centerpiece that serves a double purpose! Aside from acting as a deluxe option for dessert, this cake undoubtedly looks great as a table decoration. Surrounded by foliage, , and golden accents, this edible centerpiece blends well with garden weddings.
  1. Have a Toast
Creative Table Centerpiece Ideas
Wedding decor Looking forward to an upcoming vineyard wedding? This centerpiece arrangement is certainly a creative way to match your tables in the venue and theme of your big day. Create a twist to your foliage and floral arrangement by adding these in the equation. The green tinted color of the body and the golden rim of these glasses polish the whole look of these captivating centerpiece. For more inspiration, here are other ways you could use green in your event according to , a wedding planner in Athens.
  1. Rustic and Chic
Creative Table Centerpiece Ideas
If the countryside style is your cup of tea, this will work well with your preferences. These quaint jars, encircled with strips of knits, act as charming containers for these florals and greens. Apart from elevating the arrangements in a pleasant way, the wooden boards serve as finishing touch to the whole rustic look.
  1. Sophisticated scarlet
Creative Table Centerpiece Ideas
There’s no doubt about it: one of the best colors that match well with gold is red. In addition to its elegant appeal, this hue is also known for being a traditional color of love. If you want to enhance and add an oomph to the common shades of luxury, you should certainly ditch the neutral palette and incorporate the richness of red hue in your event. For instance, you can impress your guests with the coalescence of deep love and affluence by incorporating a bouquet of red roses as a centerpiece of your magnificent table decoration.