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July 13, 2018 3 min read

Need some fresh decorating ideas for the holiday season? These adorable looks will bring the joyful gestalt of Christmas to your home or office. You may enjoy them so much, you’ll leave them up till New Year’s Day.

  1. Festive Door Frame

    For a quirky but eye-catching look on your front door, put this decoration to work. Welcome friends and loved ones into your home for the holidays with a bright, red frame holding shimmering ornaments. For this decoration, start with a plain, wood picture frame, rustic red. Next, select white satin ribbon to string metallic holiday ornaments from your frame using UGlu dashes. Next, use a wreath hanger to secure your geometric gem to the door. Finally, fashion a voluminous bow out of white moire ribbon, and affix it over your frame. Photo from Artsy Chicks Rule
    Christmas Decorating Ideas
  2. Scents of Cinnamon

    Illuminate the night with a fragrant, glowing piece. This Christmas decoration will bring a calm, bright ambience to your home for the season or for a special gathering. Recreate this perfumed ornament by selecting a footed pillar candleholder to display your spice and light. Next, place a white pillar candle in the holder for a simple, eye-catching detail. Cut several cinnamon sticks into short pieces, and then arrange the pieces around the base of the pillar like an earthy wreath. This decoration will add a delightful look to your wall shelves, mantel, or kitchen table. Photo from The Budget Decorator.
    Christmas Decorating Ideas
  3. Noel, Noel

    For a big, bold, and bright mantelpiece display, put lighted lettering and rustic wreaths to work. For the Christmas decoration, first select the letters N, E, and L in handmade wood letters. Next, choose a wire wreath frame that is roughly the same size as your letters. Wrap willow branches around the frame, fashioning a textured, rustic “O”. On your mantel, arrange your letters and wreath to spell the word “NOEL”. Complete this holiday look by placing a grapevine star ornament in front of your banner. Photo from Time For Fashion
    Christmas Decorating Ideas
  4. Cones on Display

    Showcase snow-dusted pinecones with this minimal Christmas decoration. This frost-dusted look will bring a cheerful detail to your home décor during the holiday season. Emulate this look by selecting a large glass container or apothecary jar to hold your cones. Next, dip mini pineconesin >matte white paint to give them a snowy finish. Once they are dry, layer the wintry cones in you’re the glass jar. Add a bit of flair to your arrangement by adding sola flowers to your pinecone layers. Photo from Ehow
    Christmas Decorating Ideas
  5. Spiced Pear

    Bring a little glitz and glamor to your holiday decorations with these twinkling treasures. Glitter-dusted fruit adds striking detail to centerpieces, shelving, or even mantelpieces. Make your own sparkling pears by selecting gold pear figurines as the base. Next, coat the pears in craft glue, and select iridescent, gold and silver glitter to sprinkle on the pears. Finally, arrange your in clusters, or scattered around creamy pillar candles. Photo from Lauren Geiger
    Christmas Decorating Ideas
  6. Blissful Boxwood

    Add a shabby-chic look to your homey cottage with suspended boxwood wreaths. This Christmas decoration will look handsome positioned over your sofa or loveseat. For this piece, select a distressed wall rack to hang over your couch. Next, gather three petite preserved boxwood wreathsto incorporate vibrant greenery to your display. Loop jute rope through the wreaths, and hang them on the hooks on the rack to complete your arrangement. Photo from Hometalk
    Christmas Decorating Ideas
  7. Snowy Luminaries

    This simple but stunning Christmas decoration is sure to keep your space cozy and bright. These DIY luminaries bring a country-chic look to their environment, and will look lovely on tabletops, wall shelves, or even your office desk. For this decoration, first choose mason jars to paint with white chalk paint. Once the jars are dry, use sandpaper to brush the paint off the embossed labels, giving the jars a rustic look. Next, wrap red striped bakers twine around the jars’ mouths, and tie them into neat, little bows. Add holiday flare to your luminaries by attaching a snippet of a real or pine branch to each jar. Place a votive candle in each jar so your ornaments can illuminate the night. Photo from Maison de Pax
    Christmas Decorating Ideas