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July 11, 2018 4 min read

If you have hosted a fancy birthday party before, you probably bought a fancy cake stand to showcase your fancy pastries on your fancy table. If you’re like me, you haven’t used it since that one party, long, long ago. For those of you with a perfectly lovely cake stand collecting dust in your cupboard, here are ten ideas to put your fancy fixture to better and more frequent use.

  • Cutesy Counter Top

    This citrus stand will spruce up your kitchen counter and beckon in the essence of spring. For this cheerful decoration, use a white cake stand to stack a few fresh lemons or limes atop. This arrangement is perfect for an empty corner against your backsplash. For a seasonal homage, fill a small, galvanized bucket, with preserved hydrangeas, and arrange next to the stand. Photo from Centsational Girl .

Top 10 Cake Stand Ideas

  • Sensational Succulents

    This garden-fresh look will perfectly complement your organic-inspired home or party. The tiered look is easy to replicate with a cupcake stand, artificial succulents, and preserved moss. For this cake stand idea, start with a galvanized, tiered dessert stand. Arrange natural touch succulent blossoms on each of the tiers. Create a luscious, colorful display by utilizing succulents of different sizes and colors. Add fullness and texture to this display by stuffing clumps of preserved moss in the spaces between the succulents. Photo from This Ivy House.Tumblr .

Top 10 Cake Stand Ideas

  • Light Tower

    With its magical resplendence, this cake stand decoration will add warmth and beauty to its environment. To complete this layered candle look, begin with a 3-tiered dessert stand. Utilize votive candles in clear cups that will fit on your stand, and cluster them on each level. With this pillar of gleaming radiance, you may not need to use any other form of lighting at your fancy dinner party. Photo from Bride Canada

Top 10 Cake Stand Ideas

  • Nestled

    This charming decoration is perfect for your spring decorations or as an Easter centerpiece. For this cheerful look, begin with a vintage or cake stand. Arrange strips of raffia in a rough-hewn nest on the stand, and place a dozen colorful decorative eggs in the center. This makes for an attention-grabbing fixture at your Easter Sunday brunch. Photo from Shabby Soul.

Top 10 Cake Stand Ideas

  • Squeaky Clean

    Presenting your dish soap and scrubbers in an aesthetic way can be challenging, but you can elevate your sink side arrangement with a simple cake stand. This composed cake stand idea is easy to replicate, and will add instant sophistication to your bathroom or kitchen. Begin with a simple glass cake stand that has a smaller diameter, as to not overwhelm its surroundings. Next, fold a cotton hand towel and lay it on the plate. Arrange a bottle of liquid soap, a luxurious bar of soap, and a natural sponge atop the towel. This decoration beckons in a spa-like atmosphere to your powder room or kitchen. Photo from I Heart Naptime .

Top 10 Cake Stand Ideas

  • Dome-estic Bliss

    Fill up dead space on your kitchen island or peninsula with painted dome cake stands. This colorful display doesn’t need desserts to make it tantalizing. For this stunning cake stand decoration, utilize domed stands. For a whimsical look, use stands of different heights and sizes, and throw in one with a colored base. You can tie this arrangement together by painting the domes in shades of acrylic paint within the same color pallet. Photo from Shabby Soul

Top 10 Cake Stand Ideas

  • Urban Herb Garden

    Organize your glorious indoor garden with a rustic wood desert stand and fresh herbs. For this unique cake stand display, fill several small potswith lush, potted herbs, and stack them generously on a tiered stand. This stand will look dashing on your kitchen counter, or can be used as a simple decoration on your balcony table. Photo from Urban Comfort

Top 10 Cake Stand Ideas

  • Floral Ball Fancy

    This classic, formal adornment is perfect as a wedding centerpiece, or as a voluminous, florid display on your card table. For this luxurious cake stand decoration, begin with a vintage metal cake stand that features lace-like detail around the rim. Next, use floral foam bricks to secure whiteand pink preserved roses in a domed shape to sit atop the stand. Photo from The Knot

Top 10 Cake Stand Ideas

  • Holiday Cheer

    If you live in a shoebox apartment or don’t feel the need to buy and grand Douglas-fir every holiday season, this cake stand idea will suit you well. Structure the simple Christmas tree arrangement on a lipped, galvanized cake stand. Place a small, artificial tree in the center of the saucer, and surround the base with glass ball ornaments. This decoration is perfect for your kitchen island counter top or dining room table. Photo from Vintage Whites Market

Top 10 Cake Stand Ideas

  • A Stand Out Bath

    This aesthetic display brings unique organization to your guest or master bathroom. For this fun cake stand decoration, use a ceramic stand with a scalloped edge for a bit of flair. Fill mason jars of different sizes with cotton balls, Q-tips®, and travel-size toothpastes. Bring a touch of color to this display by painting the jar lids with bright acrylic paint. Photo from Tip Junkie

Top 10 Cake Stand Ideas