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July 11, 2018 1 min read

How To make a bird's nest bouquet from Florists Review

bird's nest: This nature-made basket is blooming with springtime florals.

Attached to a large, flower-filled bird's nest, a permanent wired-vine handle transforms the pretty arrangement into a nature-made spring basket for flower girls and attendants. Fresh ivy artfully entwined around the faux vine handle, is the ideal accessory.

A bounty of pastel-hued spring florals, including ranunculus , hyacinths and lisianthurses, are tucked into the bird's nest basket. This beautifully finished presentation- a spring icon transformed into a charming wedding accessory- is absolutely fabulous for any wedding scheduled during this delightful season, especially if held outdoors.


ranunculuses, hyacinths, lisanthurses, ivy

premade bird's nest

artificial wired vines

Wedding Belle Bouquet Holder

hot glue

How to make : Step by Step

DIY: How to Make Bird Nest Bouquets
1. Remove the handle from the straight-handled bouquet holder. Saturate it and glue it into the center of the bird's nest.
DIY: How to Make Bird Nest Bouquets
2. Attach artificial wired vines to each side of the bird's nest. Entwine the vines at the top to complete the handle.
DIY: How to Make Bird Nest Bouquets
3. Arrange the flowers in the foam. Insert fresh ivy into the foam, and weave it onto and around the handle.