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November 21, 2019 4 min read

Whether you're the kind of bride who's always looked forward to your wedding day or you're just starting to get excited about it after your recent engagement, one thing is the same: Every bride wants to look and feel their best when they walk down the aisle.

One way to make sure that happens is to go to the spa. It's a great way to treat yourself while you plan out your day, so you never have to stress about needing some extra beauty treatment. Not sure which spa treatments to try? Read about these great options to enjoy before your wedding day. You'll leave each session refreshed and ready to say, "I do."
1. Treat Your Toes
Those who aren't into beauty treatments and have never gone to a spa might find the idea of a spa treatment a little intimidating. Don't worry! A spa treatment can be as simple as getting a pedicure. Treat your toes to some professional polish. They'll get buffed, moisturized and massaged before nail polish is ever applied. Get your toes done regularly up until your wedding, or at least a few days beforehand. This is especially good to do if you'll be wearing open-toed shoes or a shorter wedding dress.
2. Banish Your Stress
Spa Treatments
Even if you can design centerpieces in your sleep, planning a wedding gives you a lot to juggle. It can come with unintended stress, which is why a massage at your favorite spa will come in handy. Look for a spa that offers a lavender massage. It can be any variation of massage, but they'll rub lavender oil into your skin while they work. Lavender that are all-natural, so you get an extra boost of relaxation from your session.
3. Play with Makeup
Have you thought about how you want your makeup to look on your wedding day? It might not seem important to those who don't have a usual makeup routine, but a makeup artist will want to know what you prefer. Use a spa trip to get a makeover and try out different looks. Choose the potential looks based on your venue, theme and dress. Mesh it with your personal style and you'll find the look that's right for you.
4. Update Your Lashes
Spa Treatments
Fake lashes are something many modern brides are working into their bridal looks. They create a much more daring look, which results in eye-catching photos. Don't want lashes glued on for your wedding? Start . The effect of lash growth was originally an unintended side effect of certain eye drops, so the active ingredient was isolated just for the purpose of longer, fuller lashes. Try both options out to see which one you prefer. You may end up using products like eyelash growth drops well beyond your wedding.
5. Enjoy a Facial
Need a brighter, fuller look? It's time for an oxygen facial. This facial is relatively new to the spa world, but it's super-effective. It essentially stops the visible signs of aging that are related to poor oxygen flow to the surface of your skin. During this facial, oxygen is delivered straight to your epidermis, allowing key elements to be absorbed. These include:
  • Vitamins
  • Botanical extracts
  • Minerals
  • Nutrients
Another great aspect of having an oxygen facial done is that the effects last a long time. Look into spas ahead of time to see if they offer a full range of services, like the Grand Hotel. Services like an oxygen facial are best done a month before your wedding, so you won't need another trip to the spa until you want to relax on your honeymoon.
6. Update Your Nails
Getting a manicure done is always another great spa option to try before your wedding. You can always paint your nails at home, but no home nail painting session has quite the same finish as a professional nail session. Update your nail polish a day before your wedding with a shade pulled from your color scheme. You can also go with a classic clear coat for a more subtle look, or a chic manicure.
7. Try a Full Body Treatment
Spa Treatments
For a longer stay at the spa, try to look for a business that offers a full body treatment. These can come in different styles, but they'll all do wonders to reset your sense of self for your wedding. What brides should really be interested in is a full body treatment that uses citrus oil. It has so many healing properties, like antimicrobial benefits and anti-inflammatory effects. Even if you have naturally oily skin, getting a full body treatment with natural citrus oils will make you feel like a whole new person. Ask if you can test the scents of each citrus oil before you try them, so you know you'll leave the spa smelling like your favorite scent.
8. Cleanse with Mineral Salt
Mineral salt is a very powerful natural element that can be used in most spa treatments, including massages. You might think that salt would have a negative effect and dry out your skin, but that's not the case when it's mineral salt. Mineral salt is used in different practices like:
  • Scrubs
  • Blends
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massages
See if any of your local spas offer mineral salt along with their traditional services. It's known for while exfoliating. It's also very cleansing, since it balances your body's pH levels and removes toxins. Whenever you find yourself feeling even a bit off from your normal self, consider getting a spa treatment with mineral salt so you can feel even better than usual.
Plan Treatments in Advance
You really can't go wrong with what you choose to get at a spa. All the treatments will be meant to cleanse and revitalize you, even if you just get a simple manicure. The only thing brides shouldn't do at the spa is wait until the last minute to get treated. You never know how your skin might react to the products a spa uses, especially if you've never been to that location before.
Plan out your spa treatments in advance to pamper yourself and prepare for your wedding. You'll look and feel your best on your wedding day, since you'll have worked out your self-care weeks beforehand.