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November 14, 2019 3 min read

Brides who are in the midst of wedding planning know that there are certain things that you're almost expected to buy. There's the wedding cake, your big white dress and even things like candles or aisle decor to think about.

While you're deciding what's worth spending money on and what's not, the subject of flowers will come up. Flowers are a huge part of the wedding industry, but they're often very expensive. Brides on a budget may feel inclined not include any at all for financial reasons, even if they would love to have flowers in their ceremony. You don't need to toss the idea of a bridal bouquet if you find that the flower shops are too expensive. Try using these faux wedding flower ideas that are actually super stylish. You may end up having more flowers in your wedding than you'd originally dreamed about, since they can be so gorgeous and affordable.
Faux Wedding Flower Ideas
1. Use Faux Berries
Holding a handful of in your hands won't have the same look as a regular bouquet. That's because bouquets are made up of more than just flowers! You have to work other bouquet elements in between the flowers you choose to make it look more natural. Leaf branches will work perfectly, especially if you use faux berries in your bouquet. The berries will bring a more natural element to your bouquet while adding some volume to it. They'll fit right in with a wedding in any season. Brighter berries in warmer weather and darker ones in colder weather will make your faux flowers eye catching, without costing as much as a real bouquet.
2. Change Up the Sizes
After you find the right color flower for your bouquet, you may be tempted to grab a bunch and run back home with them. While it's important for your bouquet to match your color scheme for the wedding, you should also think about the size of the flowers you choose. Natural flowers in a bouquet vary in size to make a more appealing aesthetic. Do the same with faux flowers by looking for small, medium and large sizes of the flowers you like. Changing up the size may also change how much the flowers cost, so be careful to pair flowers that look good together. Silk flowers, for example, can , so watch the price tags on the flowers you pick out.
3. Try a New Kind of Flower
Faux Wedding Flower Ideas
As you investigate the world of faux flowers, you'll find that they can be made of many different materials. You'll know which material is right by putting bouquets together and seeing what they look like, along with what the finished price is. Some faux flowers can be ordered in a bouquet, so you save yourself more time. A more which can be ordered ahead of time. Another big bonus of using a clay bouquet is that it'll last much longer than real flowers. Clay is lightweight and durable, and it'll be easy to in things like a vase or a picture frame.
4. Cover Your Altar
Your wedding altar is basically the centerpiece of your ceremony, so make it something amazing to look at. You can cover your altar with faux flowers for a much more affordable way to decorate. Cover it with flowers and make faux flower arrangements around where the ceremony will take place for a fuller design.
5. Decorate with Petals
Faux Wedding Flower Ideas
Many brides love the idea of sprinkling flower petals over places like the ceremony aisle or even the reception tables, but the timing must be just right of real petals. Use them too soon and they'll start to decay before your wedding day. Faux flower petals are easy to buy in large bunches and can be used as decor as early as you'd like. That's less time to use for set up on the day of your wedding, so you can focus on getting ready and enjoying your ceremony.
6. Create a Flower Wall
Faux Wedding Flower Ideas
Everyone's going to want to take photos at your wedding, which is why brides often set up a photo backdrop. You can do this with faux flowers by gluing or pinning them to a board or wall. Your guests will love posing in front of a pretty backdrop and you'll love how affordable it was to create. Faux flowers make a flowery wedding a reality for many brides on a budget, including those looking to create their own bouquets.