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November 07, 2019 3 min read

When it comes to planning a wedding, winter is probably the last season in your mind.

Spring and fall — with their gorgeous scenery and cool, crisp weather — seem more desirable. But there is something magical about a niveous backdrop on your big day. From glorious snowfall to evergreens shining against a blanket of white, the season offers a distinct mood and aesthetic that makes for a truly memorable occasion. Best of all, you get this without the hefty expense of June or September affairs. Because the winter months aren’t as busy as others, couples enjoy off-peak rates and discounts on venues and services. And you also get the full attention of your wedding vendors. This means you can invest more on the details that matter, including the decor. Do you want to know how? Here, we share simple decoration ideas that will make your winter wedding gorgeous.
Re-purpose bottles as candle holders
As BBJ Linen points out, a paints a personal picture of the couple. Bring this intimacy and romance through simple candle arrangements. Repurpose mason jars and terrariums into unique candleholders. For truly inexpensive candle holders, spray paint wine bottles with gold or rose-tone colors for a touch of elegance and sparkle.
Drape venues with inexpensive string lights
When it comes to winter weddings, creative lighting is surprisingly quite affordable. Most venues have already been decorated for the holidays, so you’re only just bound to add or complement. One of the easiest ways to do so is by draping LED at your wedding venue. These energy-efficient lighting options are modest enough to fit any venue while instantly turning your venue into a rustic and cozy space.
Christmas favorites to wedding decor
Whether they are handcrafted items or collectibles, you can turn your , says Kacey Bradley. By stacking them inside hurricane vases or simply scattering them across the table, your favorite holiday ornaments add a personal touch to the big day. You can also use frosted leaves and wreaths for a lush centerpiece. Or, have your family’s favorite pine garland serve as a table runner for a nostalgic holiday throwback.
Go for white and textured fabrics
Winter Wedding
Capture the season’s wintry backdrop with an all-white wedding. Not only is color blocking visually stunning, but it’s also effortlessly timeless too. Choose fabrics in cream and ivory, and opt for textured to contrast against smooth or sheer overlays. By layering different finishes of fabrics, you can create interesting focal points that add depth to the all-white affair.
Turn blankets into chair covers
Bring warmth to your winter celebration by at the reception. Simple, woven sofa blankets keep guests cozy and comfortable. They also transform any space into a more conversational setting. Tie the draping back end with a ribbon, add a thank you note with a label, and they can instantly be given as favors.
Set up a hot beverage bar
Winter Wedding
A hot beverage station is a must in any winter wedding. It’s a simple addition that makes the reception truly festive for your guests - adults and kids alike. To balance the cool tones and natural whites of the season, opt for copper-colored hot chocolate machine or coffee dispenser. Style the bar with simple evergreen runners, garlands, and a sign. Then, serve beverages with monogrammed paper cups to personalize the bar.
Add natural elements to your space
The season’s foliage is a great source of design inspiration. At the wedding ceremony venue, decorate aisles and chairs with evergreens, mistletoe beads and fir branches attached to lacy bows. These simple decorative elements add interesting details to your big day. For the reception, paint pine cones in metallic palettes and sprinkle with chalk paint for a snowy finish. Then place them inside upside down mason jars for a DIY glass dome that’s perfect as a centerpiece. Having a winter wedding means you get more venue dates at better rates. This allows you to pay attention to the often-overlooked details that can turn a simple wedding into a gorgeous ceremony. And with the season’s stunning foliage and scenery, these little things are just the right additions for the big day.