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November 27, 2019 3 min read

Brides-to-be may feel pressured to include certain aspects of traditional weddings in their own big day. They might settle for a fluffy gown that isn't really their style or save for flowers they wouldn’t normally choose.

Wedding pressure is real, but it doesn't have to dictate your own experience. It's your day, and you should get the final say in any decision regarding the details of the event. Even when it comes to serving drinks at the reception.
Do You Need to Have Alcohol at a Wedding
If you're wondering whether or not you need alcohol at the , the answer is no. You can do whatever feels right for you. With that in mind, apply a few of the simple suggestions below, so everyone has a great time and plenty of amazing options.
1. Serve Your Favorite Drinks
What do you want to drink at your wedding? Whether your favorite beverage is root beer or homemade lemonade, serve what makes you happy. If you only offer what other people want, your reception will feel like it's for your guests and not for you. Write a list of all your favorite drinks to determine what you like, then put the best at the top. Talk with your caterer, venue and wedding planner to see what's possible to supply and how to arrange for those beverages if your caterer can't bring them on their own.
2. Offer Plenty of Mocktails
Do You Need to Have Alcohol at a Wedding
Maybe you don't want alcohol at your wedding, but you still want people to enjoy holding a cocktail glass while they chat at dinner. Try to . They'll have the appearance of alcoholic beverages with the bonus of a variety of flavors. They may even be more affordable than traditional drinks if you pick those with budget-friendly ingredients.
3. Order Sparkling Waters
Sparkling waters are festive no matter where they're served. They're a fun twist on an easy beverage that pleases nearly everybody. Order it in bulk in your favorite flavors. Offer some that are just water, then get creative with fruity flavors or sparkling drinks served at your mock-bar. Another fun part about sparkling waters is their containers. You can find them in bottles, cans and pretty much anything a traditional alcoholic drink comes in. Look around for brands that will look pretty when they're set up at your reception.
4. Set up a Soda Bar
Guests can get a cold drink if you at your wedding reception. This is a great option for any bride, since you can customize it with your favorite colas and make it fit in with your wedding decor. Mix and match different brands, provide mason jars or old bottles for serving, and include syrup flavors guests can mix into their drinks. People of all ages enjoy soda bars, so think about setting one up for your wedding.
5. Choose Classic Pairings
Do You Need to Have Alcohol at a Wedding
If you’re unsure what non-alcoholic drink to pair with a dish, look at the alcoholic drinks that are usually paired with that dish. Then, serve a mocktail alternative without the alcohol – easy as that. For example, , so make non-alcoholic mojitos if you choose to serve crab at your wedding. Oysters go well with daquiris, so do the same with non-alcoholic daquiris. It’s about the flavors and how they complement each other, not the alcohol itself.
6. Pop Open Sparkling Cider
The champagne toast is one of the biggest ways alcohol is used at weddings, but you don't have to feel tied to that tradition either. Pop open sparkling cider instead. Sparkling cider is just as bubbly, and when poured into a champagne glass, no one will be able to tell the difference. Have fun taste-testing brands in the months leading up to your ceremony to make sure you serve only the best for your guests.
7. Create a Tea Station
If your wedding is scheduled for the fall or winter seasons, your guests will appreciate having a hot mug of tea to drink. Tea is super affordable and a wonderful way to provide plenty for everyone. Have electric kettles ready to go when you your guests can visit like an extension of your food buffet. Supply guests with a variety of teas, both caffeinated and decaffeinated, and make sure every flavor is clearly marked.
What Works Best for You?
Do You Need to Have Alcohol at a Wedding
Remember that your wedding day is all about you and the love you share with your partner. Don't provide drinks that make you uncomfortable or that you don't enjoy. Consider your beverage menu long before your big day arrives so everyone has something delicious to enjoy.