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April 30, 2020 3 min read

You just got engaged, and you're excited to plan everything about your wedding. There's decor to think about and invites to send, plus utilizing a few Saturdays to find the perfect dress. When you're not tasting cake slices and playing with color schemes, you're probably thinking about how you'll pay for everything.

Every engaged couple has a different financial route they take to cover their wedding, something they for. You might have a few family members pitching in or a budget based entirely on your income. Whatever your arrangement looks like, there are always things you can do to save a few dollars.Read about these seven ways to cover the cost of your wedding with simple money-saving strategies. As you enjoy your wedding planning process, you'll learn how to settle your expenses and start your marriage with healthier financial habits.
1. Pay in Cash
After you decide on a wedding date, figure out how many bills you need to pay before the big day arrives. Would it be possible to pay your invoices in cash, checks or direct withdrawals? The point would be to find out exactly how much you need to spend every month and prevent extra money from slipping out of your pockets. Try paying for everything in cash and you'll see your checking account stabilize.
2. Find a New Bank
Some couples decide to open a savings account at a new bank. Depending on which financial institution you choose, you could benefit in a couple of ways. The main advantage is that you won't see the account every time you stop by your regular bank, which prevents you from withdrawing money.You could also gain a higher interest rate on your savings account or find a rewards program for every time you put money away. It all adds up to more wedding cash and better saving habits.
3. Plan Your Meals
Ways to Cover the Cost of Your Wedding
You may find yourself ordering delivery or going out to eat more often than not, which is a considerable expense. Save for your wedding when you learn to plan your meals and eat at home.To start, identify what type of meal prep is ideal for you. You may decide that cooking a bunch of dishes at once and then  is easiest. You can also prep ingredients — like chopping up veggies or cooking meat — to cut down on time spent in the kitchen. Then, make a list and hit the grocery store.
4. Lower Your Energy Bill
Another approach to saving money is reducing the bills you have control over. Your energy bill fluctuates with the time of year, but you don't have to rely on your thermostat to make it more affordable.You can also read about insulated garage doors to keep your home's temperature regulated. If the heat or freezing air and affect the temperature of your home, your HVAC unit won't turn on as frequently and increase your energy bill. The money you save can go directly into your wedding fund.
5. Pick Reliable Suppliers
Plenty of vendors in the wedding industry can supply your big day with the decor you need, but they'll try to charge premium prices. Don't feel pressured to buy from the first vendor you see. Take your time and that provides quality products for affordable prices. The right organization will sell things like garlands and decor that look identical to expensive options but won't hurt your budget.
6. Make Cleaning Supplies
Ways to Cover the Cost of Your Wedding
When you head to the grocery store, you'll find that cleaning supplies can take up the bulk of your purchases. Even the off-brand bottles are expensive. To save money, make homemade cleansers with and essential oils. You'll avoid using harmful chemicals in your home and save extra money for your wedding.
7. Refinance Your Loans
The majority of your money might go towards paying off loans, but you can change that. Call your lenders and try to refinance your loans to get a lower interest rate. You can use the extra money to increase your catering budget or get the dress of your dreams.
Consider Your Financial Situation When Planning a Wedding
You'll find the right tips for your wedding saving plans by considering what your current finances look like. Do you have an impulse spending habit, pay expensive monthly bills or lack a grocery budget? The smallest changes will make a significant difference and leave you with more money to plan your wedding.