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April 23, 2020 3 min read

You'll have to make dozens of decisions to pull together the perfect wedding. Venue tours will bring up details that never crossed your mind. There are color palettes to consider and flower arrangements to choose.

When you're not fine-tuning the little details, it’s best to focus on the basics. While you might want to dream about your wedding dress, the groom needs a suit too. If you head to a professional store, you might feel swamped with suit options, but there are always a few places to start. Read about these eight subtle details to consider when selecting the right suit for your spouse. These suggestions will help you narrow down your options to find something that looks great and matches your budget by the time your wedding day arrives.
1. Think About the Season
If you're ready to start thinking about suits, you most likely already have a wedding date in mind. Think about what time of year the ceremony will take place. Will you be outdoors in the summer or indoors in the winner? The weather affects how comfortable your groom will be during the many hours you'll celebrate your wedding. Suits made with cotton or linen are best for warm weather because they're lightweight and breathable. You can also check for tweed and wool fabric if you're having a winter wedding and need to keep warm.
2. Remember Your Dress Code
Selecting the Right Suit
Fancy weddings may prompt guests to abide , so remember to match your groom's suit to the expected style of dress as well. Cocktail, semiformal and formal suits all look a little different and match with different ties. Consult with stylists to see the main differences in person and see what your fiancé likes the most.
3. Consult the Groom's Party
Most groom's parties match whatever the groom wears. Consult with your fiancé’s best man and other groom's party members to and see them try on suit options. What looks good on your fiancé may not look great on his friends of different heights and sizes.
4. Flatter Your Fiancé’s Shape
Women often choose clothes according to their shape, but men have body shapes too. The wrong suit will restrict their movement, so choose a custom suit based on your fiancé’s build. The best suit will help them move comfortably, whether they're relaxing during dinner or dancing into the night. It if you want them to feel their best.
5. Ignore the Trends
Groom's suit trends come and go like any other wedding trend. You might want to get pictures of your groom's friends in tan suits or suspenders, but it could be best to ignore the trends. They won't look as good in a few years and could cause you to enjoy your photos less in the decades to come.
6. Invest in Hangers
Selecting the Right Suit
After you find the best suit for your fiancé, it's best to leave it in a closet until your wedding day. It'll stay safe from stains, but it could lose its original shape if it's not on a cheap plastic hanger. Invest in sturdy hangers that fill the width of the suit's shoulders to retain its shape and quality in the weeks and months before your ceremony.
7. Avoid Shoulder Pads
Some suits come with built-in shoulder pads, but you don't need to keep them. A tailor can remove them and afterward. Padding looks good on a hanger but might appear awkward on muscular men, so keep that in mind as your fiancé tries on suits.
8. Dry Clean Once or Twice
Most grooms dry clean their suits at least once before the wedding to smooth out wrinkles and make the material more comfortable. Cleaning it more than that could lead to permanent damage. Dry cleaning chemicals can that pill or thin the suit fabric. Make sure your fiancé avoids wearing the suit before the wedding so it doesn't require more than one cleaning cycle.
Take Plenty of Notes
Notes make suit buying easier for everyone involved. Write down what you want from the suit, which styles your fiancé prefers and the range of your budget. You can also record your experiences with different stores and any styling notes the professionals provide. It will all help you and your fiancé make the final decision to get the best suit possible so he feels and looks great for your wedding.