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May 07, 2020 2 min read

Every bride wants her wedding to stand out from everyone else's. That's why some people get married at destination venues or host ceremonies in new venues like an airport hanger. Even if the idea of doing something different interests you, your budget might not have room for them. The good news is that you can look to the past to provide something new.

In a day when everyone's jumping to join the latest trends, you can use a few older traditions that many people have forgotten about. They can work even with the most unconventional ceremonies, so you don't have to sacrifice the details you've already planned.Check out these five vintage wedding traditions that never should have gone out of style. They'll add a little history to your big day and could help you get ahead of the next viral trend.
1. Honeymoon for a Month
Honeymoons used to look completely different from what they are today. Instead of a weekend getaway or a week on the beach, couples splurged on a month-long trip. It was a chance to see the world and make memories together, but only until the next cycle of the moon. Drink honeyed wine to celebrate in the original way the term "honeymoon" came to be.
2. Pull a Cake Charm
Before you place your order for your wedding cake, ask if your baker can include a cake charm. It's a tradition that and involved the bride and all her closest loved ones. Attach a charm to a ribbon and your baker will bake that and additional ribbons into the bottom tier. Pull at the same time to see which person finds the good luck charm.
3. Serve a Groom's Cake
Back in the late 1800s, people for the groom and his friends before the wedding. It was a fun excuse to celebrate and gave the groom something of his own during the planning process. Your groom or significant other can order a cake and decorate it however they want to take part in this tradition.
4. Walk on a Lucky Coin
Everyone knows to walk down the aisle with something borrowed and something blue, but the rhyme used to end with a sixpence in your shoe. Most brides don't use this Middle Ages tradition, but it's said to provide good luck tradition. Make your nod to this symbolic gesture and  instead of whatever change you find in your pocket. You can hold onto the coin as a special keepsake or start a collection with your spouse.
5. Marry at Noon
English tradition used to state that everyone get married at high noon so there could be a lunchtime reception. If you get married at lunchtime, your guests can relax through the afternoon and stay for dinner. You could also set up a dinner for everyone and leave with your spouse to start your honeymoon early.
Think About Your Personality
These vintage wedding traditions would all make your big day unique, but only if you enjoy them. Think about your personality to find something that matches your preferences. You'll find they make your dream wedding even better, creating lasting memories you and your spouse will treasure.