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April 01, 2021 2 min read

You’ll remember your wedding day for the rest of your life, but what about your guests? People care more about the music, drinks, ceremony, venue and food than they ever will about your invites or table linens. The solution? Prioritize your catering plans! If you design a terrific food and drink spread, it will blow everyone away.

Here are five wedding catering ideas worth implementing in 2021.

1. Build Your Own Snack Bar

If you’re looking for a relaxed catering experience, there’s nothing better than a build-your-own snack bar. Whether you love popcorn or french fries, this buffet-style snack experience will give everyone the chance to customize their appetizers. If you love this catering idea, you can also implement it for entrees by having a burger and grill spread.

2. A Seasonally Appropriate Beverage Station

If you’re planning a fall or winter wedding, a DIY hot cocoa station will keep everyone feeling warm and cozy during the reception. If you’re having the ceremony during warmer months, you can opt for a selection of tea, lemonade and infused water. For a fun twist, choose a theme that relates to you as a couple.

3. A Diverse Catering Venue

couple under tent

Plenty of people choose to have their reception outdoors or in a formal venue hall, but why not change things up? Many cruise lines have dedicated wedding packages which include catering. You’ll have a planner assigned to help, and guests can continue the party long after the ceremony ends.

If you’re feeling uncertain about cruises — or the ocean — you could get married in the air instead. Many couples who love aviation choose to get married on a passenger plane or private jet. On-board catering allows your guests to enjoy a multi-course meal before arriving at their destination. If you choose to pursue this catering option, talk to an expert before designing the menu, as the reduced air-pressure and humidity can majorly impact the experience.

4. A Cocktail Style Reception

If formal dining is your jam, go for it! However, if you’d prefer a more relaxed dining experience, a cocktail-style reception might be the answer. A cocktail reception typically includes a wide variety of hors d'oeuvres served by waitstaff. It allows guests to walk around and mingle while eating. Additionally, it will enable people to eat as much or as little as they’d like without any pressure.

5. Interactive Dessert Display

If you have a sweet tooth, your dessert table might be the most exciting catering component of the entire reception. With so many options to choose between you may be feeling overwhelmed. Why choose only one? With an interactive dessert display, you can lay out all of your favorite desserts for guests to choose between. For a bit of variety, include a fondue station so guests can graze during the reception.

A Day to Remember

Ultimately, your wedding day is for you and your spouse — everyone else’s needs come second. With these five wedding catering ideas, you can design the perfect celebration which fits your interests and priorities. In 2021, you can make new rules for the wedding scene — your imagination is the only limit.