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April 06, 2021 2 min read

The bride may headline the wedding, but the food is the star of your reception show. If you book an outdoor venue or have a destination wedding, you need a way to treat your guests to gourmet goodness.

Here are some factors to consider when contemplating whether you should get a food truck or a food trailer.

1. Consider Your Timeframe

Your guests may pay a small bundle to attend your destination wedding, and many want to extend their vacations. You could thank them for their travel by keeping the kitchen open all day so that they don’t need to seek breakfast or a midnight snack elsewhere.

If so, a food trailer may be your best bet. You could leave it at your reception venue for a few days, convenient if you booked a private Florida key.

2. Review Your Preferred Menu

food truck

If you’re having a picnic-themed wedding, complete with cold fried chicken and sandwiches, you may not need much kitchen space. However, if you have your heart set on summer Panzanella with Caprese tomatoes, ensure that the vehicle you choose has adequate kitchen facilities.

While both food trucks and trailers can have expansive equipment, trailers don’t have to squeeze as much to make room for the engine.

3. Run the Numbers

Ultimately, your choice may come down to whether you make your catering and food truck a combo deal to save cash. While food truck drivers often double as your chef, a food trailer gives you more leeway.

You can sometimes rent the equipment alone, saving you money if your new mother-in-law insists on running the grill at a backyard bash.

4. Remember DIY Considerations

Another issue to consider is whether you plan to make the fixings for your wedding yourself. If you have a backyard barbecue that lasts all weekend long, a food trailer may be the best bet. You’ll have access to the equipment you need, and you can leave the cleanup for the next day before you return your rental.

Should You Get a Food Truck or a Trailer for Your Big Day?

Both a food truck and a food trailer offer considerable benefits for backyard and destination weddings. Consider the factors above for your big day.