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September 02, 2021 3 min read

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You’ve been invited to their wedding, you’ve celebrated a number of birthdays together, so you know your friends well enough to give them gifts. But when the moment comes for them to move in just after the wedding, you have another responsibility: to dazzle them with a housewarming gift that will reflect their style, be perfect for both of them, and that will serve a purpose.

In fact, if they’ve just purchased a home, perhaps it would be good to perceive this as an opportunity to help them decorate their home from day one, without spending a fortune. Here, we’ll list a few of the most purposeful and aesthetically pleasing housewarming gift ideas for your newlywed friends. Hopefully, you’ll find something perfect here, or get inspired for something unique that only you can create!

You can’t go wrong with cookware

Spending time in the kitchen can be fun, exciting, and messy, so you can help your newlywed friends make the most of this purposeful room and enjoy many meals to come. Thankfully, with such a cookware selection at your disposal, you can pick something highly specific to their needs and preferences, or you can choose something more general.

  • A multipurpose pan that can be used in the stove and on the burners, alike. Stainless steel or cast iron are good options that will last a good, long while.
  • A slow cooker will make their meal-prepping a breeze.
  • A blender is a great pick for people who love smoothies and homemade treats.
  • A casserole dish is a timeless option that will most likely be used for generations – so always a wise pick.

Then again, you can go for something more specific to their taste, such as an ice cream or a waffle maker, or a cookbook with the kind of recipes you know they’ll appreciate.

Pastel, yet purposeful accessories

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Nothing can be better than a few well-chosen household accessories that will liven up the décor without clashing with anything they own. That is why pastel colors are your best bet as the ideal choice for the accessory of your choosing. For example, durable pink rugs will bring some softness and warmth to their indoor space, and they’ll last a long time if you aim for quality weaving.

Choose rugs that are low-maintenance and multifunctional, so that they can always place them in different rooms and change up the décor when they please. The same goes for curtains, throw pillows, and throw blankets. They might be seasonal, but a pastel hue will settle right in without any issues.

Who doesn’t love coffee?

Housewarming gifts can be both about elevating positivity at home and about serving a clear purpose. What fits that description best? A coffee maker, of course! The aroma of freshly made coffee early in the morning will mark their mornings for years on end. It will be a shared experience they’ll cherish before they devote themselves to other chores, and it will be a moment for themselves. Just be mindful of the different options you have:

  • Espresso coffee makers might be a tad more costly, but they are indeed a classy and purposeful gift for espresso lovers.
  • Cold press coffee makers are another great pick for minimalists.
  • Moka stovetop makers have had a huge comeback in the last several years.
  • The popular drip coffee maker that your newlyweds will never grow tired of using.

Scented candles for some atmosphere

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If you’re on a budget, but you still want to make sure your friends will appreciate and use your present, then you can opt for scented candles. A mixed batch of options will allow them to use the candles in different rooms and for different occasions.

Remember, scented candles both elevate the mood with ambient lighting, but they also help with beating stress with the right fragrance, such as lavender.

Moves and music in the spotlight

Finally, your friends will spend hours making memories in their new home, and your gift can actually contribute to that momentum. One way to do that would be to get them a soundbar or a speaker set that will make any party a memorable experience. Soundbars are practical, but not all of them are portable, so once built in, they might be more difficult to move around, so make sure you get what’s best for them.

Another option would be to get them a modern movie projector. Combined with the sound system, a projector will be the perfect excuse for all those movie marathons just waiting to happen.

Tastes might vary, but the listed gifts are perfectly customizable, and you can adapt your purchase to your budget as well as your friends’ needs. Take your pick, start wrapping, and mesmerize them with a gift that will make their new house feel like a home.